Need Help with Your Account?

Emails To Support

When sending an email to, be sure to give as much information as possible regarding your issue. If it’s an issue with your membership please provide your TKA username and paypal email address. The more detail you can offer, the more quickly we can resolve your problem (and we’ll do our best to reply within 24 hours).

Questions about the Core Videos or Program Content?

If you’re looking for an answer to the question on some aspect of the program content, head over to the forums. Using the forums is your best bet for any questions relating to the core videos, keyword selection, content creation, etc because that’s where you’ll have access to the entire community. Most questions get a reply within an hour or so, and many questions get multiple replies (which means multiple perspectives).

Answers to Common Support Issues

1. Paypal  canceled my subscription, but I want to keep my membership active. How do I restore my access?

First you’ll want to make sure that your subscription was actually canceled in paypal. Sometimes payments fail through paypal for unknown reasons and if your payment fails your access to The Keyword Academy will be shut off and it will say canceled.  When a payment fails, Paypal will try and rerun the payment a few days later and more often than not the payment will go through and your account will be restored. If you have a failed payment please do not sign up for a new subscription or restore your access.  Please email support using the contact form and we can look into the issue for you.

If paypal did inadvertently cancel your subscription, or your credit card or bank information changed, or if you’re rejoining the program after some time away, click the link below for steps on how to restore your account:

How to restore your TKA Pro access.

If there is a problem with your subscription please DO NOT make a manual payment. Contact us through the form below and we’ll look into the issue and do what we can to make sure your access is uninterrupted.

2. How do I reset my password? The password reset process seems to be broken.

At the moment the password reset process isn’t working properly. Send us an email to request a new password. You can tell us what password to give you, or we’ll set up a random password which you can change after logging in.

You can reach support by sending an email to