Do NOT Submit Your Website To Google!

Some people believe that submitting their website to Google is a good way to get Goog to include their site in the search results. Amazingly, there are still people making money out there by charging for their ‘submit website to Google’ services. This honestly blows my mind and shows me that people are just taking the word of others instead of testing things themselves.

I have tested Google’s tool that allows you to submit your website several times and can tell you that using it is probably the worst thing you can do. The last time I tested it I had to wait six full weeks before Google including my site in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and the site took more work than usual to rank. That doesn’t really ‘make sense’ and I’ll admit that but once you have started a few hundred sites you start to get a feel for how things should happen and that site did not act right for a while.

The Proper Way To ‘Submit’ A Website To Google

I know that I’ve talked about this briefly in posts before, but I wanted to lay this out in a post of its own just to be 100% clear. The best way to get your site into Google is by linking to it from a site that has decent PageRank.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s perfectly ok. If you can follow these simple instructions you’ll get into Google within a week and often within 24 hours. Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Write a 300 word article about something related to your website.
  2. Submit that article to (PageRank 6) or (also a PageRank 6).
  3. Make sure when you fill out the about the author box you link back to your site.
  4. For maximum effectiveness, submit one article to, and another entirely different article to

If you go through that simple process, Google will follow your links from those sites to your site and will ‘index’ it, which means they will then include it in the SERPs.

Guys every time I do it this way it works. Some of you may think that this doesn’t really make sense, in fact whenever I have mentioned this in the past I always get people asking me why Google would have a submission utility if it didn’t work well. I don’t know and I don’t care. I don’t spend my time trying to figure out why Google does what they do. I spend it figuring what they do, end of story. This lesson will help you to get into Google more effectively and by all means, don’t take my word for it, test it out yourself.

All you have to do to test this out is set up two sites in the same niche. Submit one to Google and link to the other one from Ezine and GoArticles. I can all but guarantee that the second option will give you the best results and if you’ll follow it, you’ll always be able to get into Google..

My Theory For Why Google Does This

In my opinion, Google knows that they should be able to find

legit sites by following links. If a truly great site is launched, someone will be linking to it from somewhere. If this doesn’t happen, Google probably assumes that the site is going to be of lesser quality. The best sites ALWAYS get linked to because people like them. If you don’t get linked to and have to rely on their submission service, I think that tells Google that your site is small time.

Getting Your Site To RANK Well In Google

I would imagine that if you’re trying to learn how to submit your site to Google, you would probably like to get some traffic from them. The fact that you’re in Google doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get any traffic but if you know what you’re doing Google can be a huge traffic source.

I’ve written and entire ebook – as well as follow-up lessons – showing you how to get started on the road to a steady stream of traffic from Google.

It’s called How to Really Make $5,000 per Month Online, but the reality is the book (and other lessons) are mostly about creating the kind of websites and content that will rank well in Google – creating a passive traffic stream you can convert to income. Check it out!


  1. I love your opinion on this…. I see so many ebooks talking about how to get indexed, etc…. and here’s free information.

    Once you taught me keyword sniping, I was off to the races…. thanks for all of your free information.

  2. I’ve had good results using Digg for this as well.

  3. I understand your argument but my experience has been different. I have had both of my blog sites indexed within a few days by submitting a sitemap to Google using Google webmaster tools. I’m not sure why that worked for me compared to your experience but I will say its a lot easier than having to write extra articles for other sites.

    • That’s actually a different process than the one I’m talking about GoTo. The one I’m talking about is here:

      I’ve had better luck submitting a sitemap but in all actuality using links is necessary even if you do that because you will rarely rank for anything without links and even if you do, you’ll rank better with them.

    • Greetings, (Author – great article)

      I believe many of us have found that there truly is more than one way to skin a cat. If the method discussed in the article has not proved effective for you, then do what works BEST for YOU. I’m inclined to agree with the article however, because I have had the same experience with Google over and over. I write an article (usually for HubPages – PR6). I write a short piece or two on other sites, just pointing people to the original article. If I do an even half way decent job of optimizing it, it shows up on the first page of the searches.

      This has caused me to start looking a whole lot deeper into page rank, and page linking. (P.S. – Keep in mind, those other “plugs” you left on the other sites can help increase your page rank – notice this point in my blog)

  4. In MyStarterBlog, I have the feature to Ping Google BlogSearch and Pin-O-Matic manually. This will trigger Google to come crawl my blog sooner.

    I have a deindexed site(BANS) and converted it to MSB. I use the ping method to bring much Google earlier than normal(once a month). Will it reindex the site? Maybe but it did came much earlier. Now, for a new site/blog, that’s what I do.

    • Steve in that situation Google will probably not reindex the site until you have done a request for reinclusion. You do this through Google Webmaster Tools. In order to get reincluded you will have to tell them what you did wrong in the first place and let them know that you have a different plan for the site that’s more inline with what they want to see.

      • I was thinking of using the reinclusion next. I just wanted to see if I changed the site if they would see the difference since it’s not a BANS anymore.

  5. Hey Court,
    Do you basically write 3 articles for every post on your main site? For instance, if your main blog is about “dogs” will you write one “dog” article on your main blog, then write a “doberman” article for EZineArticles and then write a PitBull article for GoArticles and link them both back to your main blog? Do you complete this trio of articles for every post to your main blog?

    Thanks for the great info!


    • Hey T! No you actually don’t need to write 3 articles to get your posts indexed. Once your home page gets indexed, the posts will follow as long as Google can follow links to find them.

      That said, your individual posts will rank better if you link to each of them so you’ll have to decide how to handle that!

  6. Does it help to subscribe to my own blog in Google Reader? If yes, I think it would be the easiest/least tech way to do the trick.

    • I wouldn’t think so Sergey. In my opinion it doesn’t really matter – you have to get links anyway so you might as well get them to get indexed.

  7. In my Google ‘travels’, I’m consistently seeing ezinearticles pages showing up on the front page. Clearly Google still loves them. I also still see a lot of Squidoo pages. I haven’t done up a Squidoo page in a while, focusing on other methods for backlinks, but I’m thinking about starting up again.

    What about the do-follow social bookmarkings pages? I don’t waste my time with the ones that have voting on them, just the bookmarks. I have about 20 I submit each new article to, but still haven’t proven it’s effectiveness. Of course, I also use UAW, but SLOOOOOOWLY on a new site.

    • That would work too Patch! Any link from a trusted site with high PR would work great.

  8. Great article. My experience is very similar to yours. I have had sites running for months without a linking strategy and they have faired badly when compared to a site with a linking strategy. When I link from the article directories my sites are found in little to no time at all.

    Thanks for posting.


  9. Why do you recommend submitting different articles to the two directories vs. the same article? Will there be duplicate content issues with submitting one article to multiple directories?

    • Hey Todd! Google knows if it’s the same piece of content and while I don’t believe there is a duplicate content penalty in the way everyone thinks, I do believe that the links will be better if they come from content pages that are 100% unique.

  10. I’m submitting articles to Ezine but with Basic author status it can take up to 2 weeks for them to publish the article.

    I’ve noticed that even on a site with only one post up, if I have 20+ pages (with the help of categories and keywords), the site gets indexed even without any links pointing to it.

    • Yeah Sara that actually happens because WordPress sends out pings that create actual links on blog search engines. One of the coolest things about WordPress is that you build links simply by creating posts. Of course you will usually need a lot more links than those to get ranked but to get indexed it generally does the trick.

  11. To clarify — with 20+ pages my sites are getting indexed within a week even though the Ezine articles I submitted haven’t been published yet.

  12. I just finished throwing up 10 different sites, and each one I’ve added to webmaster tools, analytics and set an alert for the domain name. Of course everything about the site was tits before doing any of that.

    For the keywords I targeted, they still don’t show in the results. Perhaps it’s time for another 10 sites using your method here. I thought the indirect method might be a little better, but I wasn’t sure.

    It certainly makes sense that Google would trust others over yourself in terms of what’s popular.

  13. Do you guys use Google Webmaster Tools and Sitemaps and Analytics, or do you try to keep your sites away from google?

  14. Lorecee

    I just got a brand new domain indexed in less than 24 hours by backlinking to it from my PR2 authority site that I’ve owned for 9 years. Google likes my authority site so much that it indexes new posts on it in less than an hour. Can you believe I didn’t even realize until a few days ago how valuable it is? I can be pretty dense sometimes.

    I wonder if a pre-owned domain on a dateless WordPress theme would be just as good once it has some backlinks and PR? Or maybe by then the original registration date wouldn’t matter.

    Now if I can just learn to stay out of the sandbox–I’ve already lost one site to it this week. Live and learn.

    • Hey Lorecee – Not to knock your PR2 rating, but that seems low, only because you’ve had the site for so long. What’s the deal with that? I have several PR2 articles on HubPages, but as my blog indicates, I didn’t even know about the important of page rank. Does my PR2 rank on articles not even a year old mean I’m “hot stuff?” [Probably not – I’m still not earning decent pay yet LOL)

  15. Hey Court!

    I took a little break from blogging (used to run but I am glad to see all your sites are still providing great information.

    I 100% back you up on EVERYTHING in this post. I have had virtually the same exact result. Using sites like Ezine, Digg ect ect will definitely get you indexed faster than Googles own tool, and I came to the same conclusions as to why even before you said it here.

    Excellent resource once again!


  16. I really don’t know why you say don’t submit website to google,If use a WordPress blog, sub to Google search engine is nomust, But sub others are must!

  17. Court,

    I definitely agree with you. I always get indexed much quicker when I use EZA(sometimes takes too long to approve) or any other reputable article directory. I have also tested Jeff Johnson’ SEO Blog tool, and that also indexes my sites quickly.


  18. I agree that this is a great way to get indexed, but there is nothing wrong with submitting to Google.

    Google just might get to your site sooner if it finds a link on another site that it is indexing before it gets to your submission. Pages that have a high rank will also be indexed more often, which is why you would get indexed sooner.

    So I hope that explains the “why” part.


  19. So that’s what you are doin’ ha…My key word is “Princess aquirah” And I really wonder why all the people on my tail in the google and yahoo listing. Let’s have people power why not join me…

  20. Hello dear,
    Thnkx for valuble suggestion. I will follow it.

  21. HI there… great article! I have a content website that is monitized by adsence and I gratefully make a healthy monthly income from Google Adsense. But my success came from lots of trial and error on how to get traffic to show up. This article confirmed what I learned.

    Submitting to article marketing sites like Ezinearticles gives me lasting links (the search results are generally on page one for my chosen keywords and usually stay there – unlike short lived links from some of the social bookmarking sites).

    I’m a big fan of writing short articles linking to different pages on my site. It’s proven to bring me more traffic than anything else I’ve done and I find that the side benefit is that many people use my articles for their blogs, websites, newsletters etc… More links back to my site and more Adsense clicks as a result. Thanks for confirming and continuing to give out great information!

  22. Hey Court, thanks to you for this valuable info, and to all the followup posters. Turns out I’ve been doing it right on most sites but didn’t realize it. Now, last few sites I have submitted to Google and they take slightly longer to get indexed.

    Time to start writing more articles and getting them onto EZA.

    Thanks again,
    New reader, now a regular reader.

  23. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my page to show up in Google. This post is perfect. You’re the best!

  24. This is for FREE? its a good writing here and will use your idea here for a try!!

  25. I liked your article and i will test it with my site, thank you for writing this article. Most helpfull it was

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  27. singtho2000

    As the greenhorn here in i have to thank you for all you’ve done for us and that’s for free!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t know why you guys do this but again thank you !!
    It’s clear, straight, seems to be real and sounds honest /
    that’s our chance to get the goal.
    Thank’s from a happy hardworking student

  28. I have a problem with google as well and ill try you rec.
    When i try i ge 200 url indexed but wjen i try i get none i dont understand
    Anyway thanks

  29. Hey, thanks for all the information!

  30. thanks for the info, this really help clear my mind.

  31. i think no problem.. because i ever submit url in google, and 3 months after that my page rank up to 3

  32. My site was indexed within 1 weeks following this. But after 1 weeks I did not found my site on Google for 6/7 days. But now it is indexed again. I don’t know why!

  33. Good article, but Google webmaster tools is a viable option to submit sites to Google as well. Thanks again Great article.

  34. Hey Court – Firstly, well done on putting together what is a fantastic array of info. It’s been a real help to a rookie like me!!

    My question though: I’ve added articles to both the sites you mentioned above and see them posted. However, when I check Google Webmaster tools, they’re not linking to me. I also don’t find them when I do a google search on ‘link:’ – I’m rating horribly on Google and was hoping those couple of things would pump me up the list a little more…alas it hasn’t been the case – am I missing something?


  35. Or you could just wait a month or two for Google to find it on it’s own….

  36. What about google created site…when do they start appearsing in search results?

  37. I didn’t know that submitting articles to EzineArticles could make google list your site a better way. This makes sense because google trusts EzineArtices and your linked to it. Great information.

    thanks heaps


  38. Hey Court,
    I just submitted the URL to Google, let me know if that hurts your rankings at all. I mainly say this to illustrate my main issue with this theory, I’m not going to argue the fact that submitting an article and backlinking is more effective than just submitting your URL to Google, thats a given, but to say that it actually hurts rankings and effects the time it takes to rank is ridiculous. My argument for this other than personal experience is the fact that until google requires some form of personal information or ID verification of some sort there’s no way they can hurt the rankings of a site, for example me going and submitting your URL to Google and putting in the comments “Spam Site Featuring Midget Porn”. I know this is an established site so it probably won’t have any effect but there are several cases where a persons or businesses competitors could find out they are launching a site, i.e. employees leaking information on twitter/facebook, finding links to developmental sites through the “also visited” feature on etc.. and then submit the URL to Google before the company or person even has a chance to do any SEO themselves which makes me think that Google wont penalize a site without requiring ID Verification as I said before.

    You do great work and I know your goal with posts like these is to get people talking so there is my 2 cents, thanks for all the great info!

  39. Someone help me please!

    Now I need google Adsense on my blog But!
    I cannot regiter,Someone have another Ads to introduce to me.
    Need help really.

    Thanks everyone.

  40. here is a way that i have been using to get my sites indexed in less that 24 hours it works like a charm… i use rss bot and submit to feeds then i do and that’s ALL i do for a new site as soon as i have it up…. i will say some of my more competitive keyphrases i target have taken me up to a couple days to index but once its there im usually on the front page of google and this is before i even start building links and article marketing

  41. Nice post buddy! I’ve done it my self and i can tell you that within two weeks the results was remarkable. By following this procedure, you will surely get high PR backlinks to your website and it should be indexed in google faster then posting articles on your website. I’ve posted 5 articles each and every day for a week straight and my website was ranking very well. As you said, The best way to get traffic and ranked in google is by doing article marketing.
    Thx for the tips. :)

  42. Alan Sawyer

    I’ve had the same issue – submitted the site to Google – BAM there goes all that work…. The blog I’ve set up today on the other hand – indexed already… even the post that’s only 9 minutes old! Wahey!

  43. Yes, It is proven. I experienced exactly what you said. it took 50 days for my blog to get indexed in search results pages.

  44. Oh bull. My sites rank just the same whether or not I submit my site to Google.

  45. Absolute newbie at this. Would like to download the free e-book

  46. Thanks you for the tips as I just started my blog.

  47. Deovon Landry

    I summit my site to google using their webmaster’s tool and I seem to get index pretty fast. My last site I summited got index in two days!

  48. Hello, my friend!
    I am working hard in order to get traffic to my site. I am going to follow your advise. You say you have a free e-book about how to get traffic from google, can you send me the link to download the free e-book.
    I will appreciate if you help me to get traffic to my site.
    Thanks in advance.

  49. I have been looking for the thing to help me on affiliate marketing ladder. And i have brought many ebooks on how to do this and do that. Then i find your site, which i haven’t YET subscribed to. (On holiday until friday). But, i downloaded your ebook and i tell you what, it is worth more than its weight in gold. And for FREE, its amazing, this is the book i have been waiting for. I am going to put all other ebooks i have away, and use this to its potential.

    Absolutely incredible.


  50. Google should find your site within 2 weeks if you have a good sitemap. Submitting your site to Google is not necessary.

  51. If anyone has a site that has a ranking of at least 2 please let me know and we can exchange links. My sites have a pagerank of 2 but I am always looking to improve on them. :)

  52. Allot of article sites have the no follow tag which means that your link will never be found. Some are mentioned here I noticed

  53. We got better results via digg and other community site. Also got better result using

  54. once again content is the king, but free stuff great content would be a great traffic magnet.

  55. Great opnion and i agree on that, i do frequently sites that doesn’t need/want promotion, things i like to index cause people who already heard about my client company may mistype a word (so they will look something at google).
    Last problem i had was, the site was clean as a paper (only flash), robots to block flash folder (and avoid coding in google’s description), pretty much like all my previous webs. But in that case there was 2/3 weeks and google just didn’t want to index it.

  56. Thank you, well written, easy to understand article. ^_^ Submitting articles to major article sites, where two or more links to your web pages are allowed is great advice. However, the really effective way is one way links to your site from authority sites. However, this is difficult at best, or can be costly.

  57. Hey Court,

    Just stumbled onto this site — and really glad I did … some great information.
    I’m in the process of recovering from back surgery (again) – so this is my first
    attempt to get back online … can already see it ain’t going to happen tonight.

    Just started a new blog when this all happened, so I only got a couple of posts in –
    may need to tear it down and start all over since it’s been so long …

    Oops, starting to ramble. Anyway, great content, I’ll be back.
    Keep up the good work.


  58. While I do think that your technique would work, I also believe submitting a sitemap would be beneficial as well. I do not think Google automatically decides that a website with a sitemap should rank lower.

  59. Some said we should not submit to big name search engines but some expert also said we should. So, i guess it’s depended on what you believe on and try it yourself.

    Thanks for info :)

  60. This article sucks, IMHO. I’ve submitted a new EMPTY site (just: a “under construction” page), placed a backlink into another my site with PR2, and the EMPTY site was included in the serp in 48 hours.
    Ahahah, it’s so fun read articles like this where people think they have found the solution to everything. SEO SEO SEO, even the author knows what it is ahaha.

    • Lol you just proved my point. You used a link. Try it without the link and you won’t get the same results.

      • In reply to Court.

        Obviously: without a backlink you’re unknown. Is useless and boring wrote an article with more 300 lines (300 lines? OMG!). You need only one backlink (you can use one of the many links-collector directory, for example) and submit your domain to google.
        You new domain is visible after 48 hours.
        1) get a backlink from a links collector with PR1+ (eg: top sites)
        2) submit your domain to google.
        After 48 hours search on google

        You can see that your domain is included in the serp.

        More easy than wrote 2 article with 300 lines each, boring and useless.
        To enter in the serp you don’t need a backlink from a site with high PR.
        SERP and pagerank is two different arguments.
        If you want to climb the SERP, ok, but, you need to write more than of two articles and tons of backlinks.

        To access in the serp is very easy, but is hard to climb and there are no tricks or cheats.

        And at the end…
        if your site has the content of the films, writing articles do not in any way affect the pagerank, because the search engine parses your content to be in relation to the backlink and vice versa. These tricks were effective many years ago, in yahoo, metacrawlers, altavista etc.
        To learn to ride a bike you have to use, do not read a book or write one :-)))
        “Submit, submit, submit, get tons of backlinks, make more than a website.”
        This is the only truth in one row.
        Articles, books, webinar… a waste of time and money… but there are more chickens around here… ^_^

  61. Another way to get links is to do a search on Wikipedia for topics relating to your site or in my case, sites. Find the external links area at the bottom and add your site following the protocol as shown.

    You can also find high page rank blogs, social media sites, and forums and join and put your site/sites links where it allows you to.

    There are many ways to get high page rank links. And if you want to get your site to have high PR, you want to get as many backlinks (one way links) as possible. I have 27 new sites I am working on and in less than 3 months most have PR.

    I do submit my sites to Google and other search engines because I have news pages that get created and removed dynamically. If I didn’t submit them, then the SE’s would have a hard time finding all the pages on my sites.

    My site has 297 pages currently. That includes news pages and feeds. If I didn’t submit them, them SE’s would never find all those pages. They would only find about 20. So it does help you to submit in a lot of cases. Especially if you have dynamic content.

    This also goes for forum sites. If you want all your pages indexed, then you HAVE to submit them so they are seen by engines.

    • I agree.
      If you need to submit all the pages to a search engine, you must provide to upload a sitemap.
      Easy man.

  62. I actually found this page as a result of trying to find an answer to a problem I was having with submitting my sites to Google. I kept getting errors saying that the paths in my sitemaps were wrong.

    As I kept on reading possible solutions to my issue, I actually tried an experiment that has seemed to eliminate the errors. If my solution is correct, then my next experiment is to prove a theory I now have that involves what might be a huge flaw in Google’s webmaster tools. If the experiment works according to my theory, then I will have stumbled on a way to have all of my sites indexed twice!

    If I can get it to work, then the benefit will be all my pages for all my sites will show up times 2. And if it works on Google, then it will work for all other SE’s that give the option of sitemap submissions.

    I am very interested to see if this “glitch” in the Google system will be to my HUGE benefit. If it does what I suspect, then the answer to submit or not will be moot. Who wouldn’t want all their pages to be double indexed and therefore doubly shown all over the world!

    I will try phase one of the experiment today and let you all know what the results are.

  63. I’ve found that submitting the site through Digg seems to have get the quickest results. You don’t seem to get the keyword benefit from writing articles on EzineArticles and GoArticles. I’d say do all three.

    For pages that are deeper into your site, I’d use the Google Site Map tool. Within a week of submitting a sitemap, google will start indexing the new pages. You can also try using some targeted social bookmarking. I’ve had good luck there.

    - shane

  64. Oh… and this seems to work well with Bing and Yahoo as well. Bonus. I guess don’t use their add a page function, unless its the last resort.

    - shane

  65. For me it didn’t take that long to get listed but the showing links to my site takes ages…

  66. For me it showed 620 html errors, could you believe that. Still don’t understand why.

  67. I see so many ebook talking about this,but thats not for free. Thank for your free information.

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  69. I’ve been doing web development for several years now, but haven’t jumped into any of the SEO business… things have been changing so quickly it didn’t see very reasonable to keep up with all of it. And the mass amount of mis-information made it hard too. These guys break it down in a pretty simple way… Thanks!

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    These sites showed up in 30 hours, not only on google but also others.
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  72. hey ! your opinion is quite different and realistic, you have changed my mind absolutely,you give me a different thought and idea about marketing about my site.

  73. Nice post…i m also trying to get more traffic to my site. now my site is in 1 page but i want to be in 1 position…

    Can you tell me how many url I have to submit to social bookmarking, Article and PR sites daily.

  74. David, that is an answer nobody seems to know. Some sites show up in serp’s in position 1 that have zero page rank. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

    I have sites that show up in position 1 that have low page rank and after them sites that have pr7 or 8.

    For example, I have a couple of sites that show up in searches above amazon.

    Why? good question.

  75. Thanks dear I hope this one will work for me

  76. Great information for new website. I was wondering why one of my website was not indexed for long time.

  77. thanks will surely try it

  78. I have had many sites go to the top 3 pages without submitting my site at all! It is all in the keywords and backlinks!

    • Backlinks are key! And deep backlinks will get you more PR than anything! But it’s not all about PR with Google, it’s keywords and I think a roll of the dice!

      I can be in the top five for one search one month on a search term and next month it’s way down. There seems to be no real rhyme or reason.

      Once again, having unique content, putting your articles in the right place, or places to be seen, getting a pulse for what others are looking for – At the right time! will all get you hits and visits.

      What you need to do is think outside of the box! Make them come to you! Use good whitehat marketing and practices and they will come!

      Blackhat stuff is only good for a short while! Good, honest marketing will get you more in the long run. And your traffic will last.

      If you try to get internet marketers for a program like twitollower, there are 20,000 others doing that too! You may make a few bucks, but it will fall off in no time.

      If you write a good fresh article about the long term effect of listening to your MP3 player at full volume, you will get some decent long term traffic!

      And you need to tweet it, facebook it, etc. If it’s got substance it may become viral!

      Please don’t use that example, because it’s been done to death! It’s just for example!

      Get up everyday and look at RSS feeds and find something you really know about and write an article and blast it everywhere. Give the headline and a few taunting type questions about the subject, and then say read more about it at (put your link in) and they will come!

      If you live in LA, an article about Lindsay Lohan might be the average days news. But in Bflck Montana, it might be news in 2 months!

      Use your imagination! I see hundreds of newsworthy items every day that I don’t care JACK about. But some I read, if they are catchy! Like the item about Lindsay trying to sue for a baby commercial! I read it and laughed my butt off!

      Find a thing you know about, do a blurb to get them excited, post the blurb everywhere, point them to your site with the whole story and they will come!

      This is not rocket science folks!

  79. Nice post, i think you r right, High ranking is just the game of backlinks and linkbuilding, and for this we can do everything.


  80. That makes sense. Google should be able to find your site naturally using the Google bot/crawler and backlinks.

    If it couldn’t find you that way, then there is no real reason to include it in the results.

  81. Yeah your tips are great.Any suggestions on how to get a social network up and running quickly?

    • Don’t try to compete with social networks! Unless you have the next big thing!

      Instead try to work the social networks to get your followers, etc., to come to you.

      Offer something based on a tweet, video (utube), etc. that is beyond that original concept!

      If you see a viral tweet, find a reason to write an article that compels others to view your content.

      For example. You see a new tweet for the Oscars, don’t promote a site that sells an ebook about how to make money. Promote a bunch of pages that have red carpet pics and put funny captions on them!

      Like on sunday! They had lots of shots of george clooney looking just plain stupid! Put up captions saying “WTF – I could be home banging this hot chick, and I’m not even in the running for a crummy award!” It’s simple and says it all.

      Put up 20 pages like this with ads, and other promos and you will get hits and clicks.

      Be creative! Not sheep! Be a Shepherd! Don’t ride on coat tails, let them ride on yours!

      Like any good news story from alphabet soup to zimbabwe vacations, you gotta spin it to win it!

  82. Its all about thinking outside of the box! If you submit or not is not a factor. You must submit anywhere and everywhere! The more exposure the better.

    If you think don’t do this or do that is the only way, then you will fail. If you take 100% of the shots you will hit 10%. If you take no shot you will miss 100%!

    Submit to anywhere and everywhere!

    Oh, and you have to much more! Just getting your site seen is not enough!

  83. To achu!

    What is a scam? These folks are giving opinions! There is no scam here! Take the information or leave it!

    No scam, just information!

  84. That is because 1. 2 weeks is no time at all on the www and 2. sports wallpapers have been done to death!

    Now try tigers woods mistress wallpapers, or nascar greatest crashes wallpapers.

    You have to be now and topical! An blast your address everywhere when you do!

    Find tweets on tiger and nascar and tell them you have the best wallpapers for that subject right now!

    Use your brain! Don’t sit back and wait, go promote!

    I just saw this and you are my example! Give me a niche you are trying to promote and I can tell you how! It’s that easy!

  85. what about automated sites like:

  86. i don’t know what to say, my traffic from google it’s only %16…but lots of people told me i should submit and sitemap and url to google…anyway no it’s to late since i allready did it, but interesting points i see here…

  87. Has anyone hit on the fact that Google MUST crawl your site when you submit an Adwords campaign? Seems like a quick way to get noticed out of the gate. To keep it going, though, the tactics of articles, backlinks, and goooood content make it get ranked. Indexing is just the first of many steps.

    As for being indexed quickly and then losing it, Google tended (at one time) to give a little boost to brand new sites. After that honeymoon, you were on your own to earn it again. I was fooled when my first site had sales every single day for the first week and a half it was indexed. Then “boom”–no sales…..I thought my host was screwing around or something. Now I have come to recognize it when it happens with a new site and I am pleased but not fooled by the initial attention it may get.

    Court I do so look forward to your “telling it like it is” postings!

  88. yes great article, I have noticed this to be true also.
    I was doing everything to get my site to show up in google, for key words like computer repair, austin, bastrop, elgin. I messed with my robots.txt and sitemap.xml, while on the side I was making a site for which I had not posted anything to google or any other search engine. but it had a section of code from my main site with keywords in it, I found that site on google not my main site I was trying to get indexed.

  89. Hi, I discovered your blog while browsing looking for something interesting to read. I’ll definitely be coming back to read more. I really appreciate the time you’ve put into this. Thanks for sharing

  90. I have submitted using the free search engine tools available on internet….and it took me 2 weeks to be seen available on google….hmm

  91. great article and i agree with all what you said

  92. Hey,

    Good article, i have submitted my site to, hopefull i am on the way to getting my site indexed!!

    Thanks again!!

  93. good work dear,

    But google submission help us to cash our sites.

  94. If I have links of my site in Ezine and GoArticles, for example, do I need to put the link of articles page or Ezine in my site too? Or just leave as a one direction link?

    Also how does play in terms of SEO results when I use one direction or bi-direction links? For instance, if just have external links to my site and if have external links to my site and me linking back to them?

    Thank you

  95. Hi, sir, I found a strange question. That is, when I just want to submit my site to google, I can not find the url to add a url. Later, I found my site has already been indexed by Google. Could you tell me why?

  96. Have decided to go ‘flat out’ on this! SEO backlinks,url links e.t.c.
    Will be taking in all of the above advice,and hope have a greater understanding of seo and website submission.

  97. Thank you for this entry. I’m positive it may help us out. Thanks again!

  98. But google submission help us to cash our sites.

  99. I have had many sites go to the top 3 pages without submitting my site at all! It is all in the keywords and backlinks! tks

  100. That is really interesting – yes I was under the impression as well that when you submit to Google that it is a good thing. Thanks.

  101. Thanks for the info and I think you are exactly right. I just got my own domain name and sumbitting it to google has done absolutely nothing to increase my traffic. I’m going to do some paid advertising but I will definitely be doing the 300 word article! Thanks!


  102. Thanks for the good info. I have been doing this awhile now and submitting a proper xml sitemap to the big G via their webmaster tools, links from established ranked sites and relevant keywords on your pages will do it.

    Rock on!

  103. I dont trust this article to be honest. EzineArticles has nofollows on their links. A lot of people dont know this.

  104. Thank you most helpful

  105. Good message,it’s useful for me,I will test my website and have a try,thanks for share !

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  110. i havent got my site submitted to google search and im still waiting

  111. i am a complete newbie, as you will see from my site. but i couldnt get ranked for nothing until i submitted my site to Google. now two weeks later i am on the first page. i dont understand this posting, and i was considering making the KWA my first purchase of products to MMO. so are you sure about this? my site ranks for the rather improbable keywords “reggae speak jamaican gentle tutor patient” but i was just trying out seo for the first time

  112. well, it may be because i submitted my site from my google adwords account? i have only spent about $3 so far with them, but maybe thats why i come up in organic searches now

  113. Submitting your site is fine, but if you do it too often or send too many of your pages then Google will see this as spamming.

  114. Good article. Seems like good sound advice.

  115. This is good information. You are right about linking. I had two web sites that were not being indexed even after submitting to Google. I optimized the pages and followed all the rules but still no success. For one of them: (it was a page for my iPhone app) I remembered I had another domain that I’d forgotten about because I hadn’t finished setting it up. This domain was over a year old. It was relevant to the site I was trying to get listed so I placed a link from this site and the very next morning it was indexed! As for the other site, it is still not indexed and it has been well over a week. I will link it to another site. Keep up the good information.

    I usually submit most of my sites to Google. I will try not listing one in Google and just using the linking and see what happens. BTW, the site I linked the iPhone page to is not linked or submitted to Google.

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