How To Make Money Posting Links On Google

Lately I’ve been seeing ads all over the place that say that you can make money posting links on Google. I’ve also had some emails asking me if i know how to make money by posting links in Google.

Well, I certainly do know how to make money ‘posting links’ on Google, and most of the people that read my site also know how. If you’ve seen these ads before and would like to learn (or would like to simply know what this means), this explanation is for you.

Here’s How It Works (Video)

Ready to learn more for our program, which will teach you how to make money with Google? Download our free ebook and get started.

Google obviously makes a lot of money, and they do that primarily by selling advertising spots on their search engine. That’s why when you go to and do a search, you always see a bunch of sponsored (paid) listings. Google gets paid when people click on the sponsored listings as they have deals with hundreds of thousands of advertisers that are willing to pay for the traffic that comes from the clicks. Each of these advertisers pays for each click that is generated by Google.

In order to make more profit, Google created a program that allows people that have sites to post Google’s sponsored ads for a share of the profit. Google pays about 50% of the profit to person who posted sponsored links on their website. The program is called Adsense, and it’s free to use.

As long as you can put up a website that gets traffic, you can post Google’s links on the site’s pages and Google will cut you a check each month for your share of the revenue. I love making money this way because it happens 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Every morning I wake up with money in my Google account and it continues to come in during the day. Each month Google sends me the funds via direct deposit (they can do a check if you prefer that).

I see ads all the time on Facebook and in other places that say ‘make money by posting links on Google’. The people that write the ads word them this way because ‘make money with Adsense’ doesn’t make any sense to

a person that hasn’t heard of this concept before.

How Does A Person Actually Post Links On Google?

You post links on Google by creating articles for your site that are related to what people are searching for. For example, I created this article because I knew you would be searching for it. Google found it and linked to it in their search results, and that led you to it.

Our specialty on The Keyword Academy is teaching beginners how to make money by using this method. We can help you to learn how to create a site that gets listed in Google’s search results, bringing traffic to your articles, and getting some of the visitors to click on a Google sponsored ad, and that gets you paid.

If you’re interested in learning how to make money this way, what you need to do is start by reading our e-book (it’s free). It’s called How to Really Make $5,000 per Month Online and it teaches you how to make money by getting links to your articles in Google and making money when people click on the sponsored links you have on your site. You can download the e-book by entering your email and hitting ‘submit’:

Those of you that have been reading our site already know how to do this!


  1. It’s funny how shocked people are when I tell them I get a check every month from Google. For some reason that’s very intriguing to people.

    The more I see these kinds of things, the more I worry that our fun little way to make money is going to get overloaded. But then I realize that the actual percentage of people who will do the work for a long enough period of time is probably less than one.

    I’ve explained in great detail to many of my friends who said they’d love to do what I’m doing. Today, not one of them is doing it. I even offer them one-on-one help. :( Saddens me really.

    • Dana Edwards

      i still dont understand how to submit links. I ordered a cd and omg it has so so much stuff on it i dont even know where to began…Can you help me?

    • If your friends don’t want to learn step-by-step from you then teach me. I want to learn.

    • Katie Kormanik

      I would love some one-on-one help if your friends won’t take it! I’m just a struggling college student and am always so booked with classes that I can barely afford to live (my parents can’t help with anything). I’m so scared that I’m going to pay a lot of money for programs and software and be taken advantage of. Do you have any tips??

      Thanks so much!

    • Hey, could you help me out learning this. I will compansate you for your time, THANKS , I wont sadden u!!!

    • If your friends aren’t interested to learn step-by-step from you then you can teach me. I’ve tried other ways to make money online and seemd to be all scams. Can you teach me how to really make it?

    • Can you teach me,since your friends don’t want to learn.

    • I dont know if you have time, but i will like to learn how to do this.. i dont know if its true, but i would risk it.. you think you can explain it to me?

    • I think its sad your friends don’t want to hear about what you do. But I would love for you to contact me and help me. I suffer from terrible migraines and spend a great deal at home and would love the help.

      Pls respond

    • madebele

      I will be your friend and listen to every word you tell me! I’m a stay at home mom going to school and would desperately love any more tips you could give!

    • Patrick

      I would love to hear your story, just how you started out and how long it took you to start making money,how it actually works, where should I start.

    • a little one on one help would Be Awesome. on the side of school and for not working, free time to learn new things. Contact me

    • what cd is this for mate please tell me i am on learning this stuff but there is a cd out there let me know what it is

    • You do realise that that was a scam site and NOT a google site, and you will be charged $70+ per month right?

    • Id like to learn if you could give me some advice on getting started?


    • I wish you would give me some one on one help , I would appreciate it~!

    • Hi, my name is Rachael and I was reading about how to work with google, my question is or questions how hard is to make the links, did you know alot about computers before you start and did you buy a kit and where did you sign up for this , and what about that comment above saying they made a thousand dollars and shut his account down????

    • How do we get started? Also, is there any reason to believe that because
      there are obviously a bunch of people interested in this that the market
      or compensation will change. I have read most of the postings on this site
      and saw one where Google closed his account. Then another where apparently
      they lowered his compensation to half of what he was paid earlier. I also see
      that some of this is postings links and then others are writing ads. What is better to do
      as far as comp. short term and long term. Can you offer some feedback or
      your opinions on where to start and which way to go?

    • jani lee

      i answered an add to post online for google but have not heard a word more. i paid 3.00 for the ad kit and have yet to recieve that either. i would love to be able to make extra income from home can you help?

    • Kevin Wolf

      Hi Patch, Im interested in this very much. Would you be willing to tell me all about the business? -Kevin

    • Tevis_Marvolo

      hey my name is brett and u really seem like u know what u r talking about, i could use some guidance, so if u could email me at, that would be really appreciated

    • i need help if you dont mind.

    • I would like to learn what you know about this Google Link process. I am a single mom and have been laid off twice in 2009 one from Direct Tv and once from a 4 star hotel. I am on unemployment now but went from making $36,000 a year to $1400 a month only until May 2010. please email me at Thanks for your help in advance. I appreciate it! Tammy

    • Hi. Just yesterday I started reading about blogs, websites, adsense, affiliates, etc; and for what I’ve had read I just conclude that this is something that requires time, effort and dedication. I’m really looking for an opportunity to work from home and I will like more information about how to be successful making money posting links.

      After I create my blog; How can I get the links or ads to appear in my blog?

      I’ll deeply appreciate your help.

    • hi patch, i was wondering if you would be able to help me out i am very interested in making money of the internet. in fact i have been doing a lot of research trying to find reliable help and tips but have found none.

    • I would like to learn how to do this. Can you show me??

    • aron boldog

      you can show me how to do it and i would love to get started

  2. Well Bruce most of the ones I’ve seen have been on Facebook and they have been offering Joel Comm’s system for making money with Adsense. I’ve also seen the data entry stuff and to me that’s not close to being a scam – it is a scam. It doesn’t make sense that people can offer one thing and provide something that seems completely different.

  3. Hi Court, I had the same thoughts as Bruce. I thought getting paid to post links on Google was Adwords as well. If I remember right they word it something like “get paid to fill out online forms” (which as you know is just ad copy in the adwords blocks) and they conveniently leave out the fact that you pay for these ads with your own money. They make it sound like you’re going to be some sort of an online court transcriptionist or something. Very misleading. But as you say, it looks they’re doing it with adsense too.

    I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but maybe someone searching for “getting paid to fill out online forms” will stumble upon it and think twice.

  4. Lorecee

    Yep, $2 billion last year or thereabouts. That’s why I laugh when people worry that Google might end the AdSense program overnight and throw us all out of a “job.”

    • it’s sounds like you make money google so why would you laugh and do
      you think that there is a chance if that occurring?

    • Albert Davis

      Pleeaase teach me how to create my own website

  5. Hi,

    I’m interested in the Adsense programme and would like to try it out.The thing is I reside in the Bahamas and when I clicked on the link it said, “Not Available in your Area”.

    Help anyone…………

  6. Hi, I was wondering myself if this “make money by posting links for Google” thing was a scam as well. I strongly believe”if its to good to be true…it usually is” I truly want to try this thing out, but I’m worried I’m just going to get suckered into something I also have learned the hard way that nothing comes for free in this world. So… whats the catch??

    • there is no catch.this is just google’s way of expanding their advertising into each individual’s website.

      the more you make, the more THEY make…its a win-win situation.

      and the easy part is,all you need to do is put the html codes in once, and the ads will come out automatically…
      no need to worry about finding advertisers.

      • Why is it that you never need to worry about fiinding advertisers? are we using their ads and then we are posting them where?

      • Hi! Can you tell me how to get started doing this? I really need some help!

        Thank you!

  7. You had me at…the second email I received after downloading the Keyword Crash Course file. I haven’t even read the course yet but have been reading every email you have since sent. I know I don’t have to tell you but you know your stuff and it is good. Thanks for helping out all of us stumbling-not-so-newbie anymore.

  8. hi, could you please tell me more? because so far reading this Adsense thing-i haven’t seen anything i have to pay for except the cost of setting up a website…i think, if i read correctly.!

    • sherese this person is talking about the program that’s being offered on Facebook and other sites – not the free lessons we give here!

  9. I was interested in Will’s comment that the 250 x 250 seemed to work the best for him.

    I have just created my first site with adsense and was a bit stumped when it came to choosing which ads to place.

    I eventually went for a mixture but would like to know expereinces from others.

    Images vs Text Links?


  10. Thanks again for some great info Court. I’ll be following along on all your posts from now on. Have just started to get some adsense income trickling in daily the past two weeks on about 15 sites.


  11. Is there any authority at google who could attest to this program. Is this bonified? Sounds like you have to sell something.

  12. YouLazySod

    I’m stunned by the number of people screaming “SCAM!!” at this.

    Adsense is real, it you drag your lazy mouse over to google you can read all about it there.

    People who get scammed are those who are too damned lazy to do any research, I too saw all the ‘Make money posting adds on Google’ banners, I even read a few of them, then I did some research (starting at google) and eventually found this site and a couple of others.

  13. Maria Melendres

    I recently ordered a cd that is suppose to show me how to make money from home but it has so much stuff on it I do not know where to begin. This cd although it was on an ad for just $1 it ended up costing me about $100 and now I want to find a use from it. If you could please help me, I am desperate to learn how this system works.

    • Maria,
      This is completely different. The CD that you received is a rip off. This is done by 1 person. He is in the middle of a lawsuit for this in Texas. Get out of it now! Best thing for you to do is cancel your credit card. I ended up cancelling my debit card through my bank and glad I did. See if you can file a fraudulent charge. From what I have read more money is going to be charged per month- $71.72 supposedly for a website.

  14. Hi Maria,
    I got my CD and was looking through it and totally confused me. This was not what I was expecting. All I wanted was to post links. First I read you need a website then I read I don’t. I have dong some research and this google is the best one. I signed up to get my code supposedly to cut and paste on a website and that is when the money is starting to arrive. As of today I have not received the Code. I did get an email address though. I emailed them with some questions. This is a confusing thing for me but when I get things squared away, which I hope is soon, then hopefully I can start getting money coming in.
    Good Luck Maria.

  15. I’m interested in learning if you are still interested in helping. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


  16. Hi Court,
    Thanks so much for helping others to find an income to be able to survive in this hard economic times. I am a college student who can’t find a job. I am in the provo area. I tried downloading the free E-book, but for some reason its not working. Can you pls email me at, so that we can fix a time for you to teach me how to do this stuff. I will pay for every hour you spend to tutor me. I attend BYU. I would like to put my cell number on here, but its not really wise to do that (privacy). Pls help!!!

  17. janiceenberg

    I feel I might introduce my self here. My name is Kate, I’m a newbie here, someone told me that i might find some good information here so… basically that’s why I’m here, and for any good advice i might get also… hope to have good time here

  18. Anonymous

    How can I be sure that this is not a scam, because as far as I am concerned if there really was an easy way to make money then people would keep the idea to themselves, instead of creating more competition for themselves. Surely if there was an idea that actually worked then everyone would be using it.

    • That’s why it costs $1 to get started. You can cancel your own subscription with PayPal at any time. If you keep the program for 30 days you will start paying $33 per month until you decide to cancel and you can cancel whenever you want.

      You’re risking $1 for the first 30 and if that’s too big of a risk for you, I wouldn’t recommend joining the program.

      • convince_me

        By the way, that 800# is in a place called Nevis St Kitts.

        “The construction validity and performance of these Conditions shall be governed by Nevis St Kitts Law and You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nevis Courts, in the event of legal proceedings arising from any dispute.”

      • Baby Doll

        Hello there Court I was wondering if you were in the same thing I was doing, because I’m in pronet and click money with google and it didn’t cost me anything to start and I have a 7 day free trial i was wondering if you had any success when it comes to google I hear alotr of people saying that it is a scam but the thing that gets me is how you get scammed if you are on a 7-day free trial and can cancel your membership you seem like the only person in here that is not down grading google but i have until the 21st of this month to go through all the trainng what is your imput on pronet and click money, and what site did you sign up for using google and posting links with google, I am a single mother and recently got laid off and I want to know which sites are legit before i put my money in to anything I was on a site where this guys mother got scammed and it has the top legit work at home jobs and google was one them but I signed up at that site and it didn’t cost me anything

  19. If it’s one of those ad’s saying it’s only $1.95, DON’T USE YOUR CREDIT CARD. IT’S A MAJOR SCAM that’s all over the Internet. If you see that ad, follow the ad through and click on “Terms & Conditions” at the bottom when you finally see it. It’s on that page that it states that they’re going to charge your credit card $75 – $80 a month within 7 days of you ordering the “$1.95 CD”. It’s put on that page because no one will see it until it’s too late and the money’s been charged to you. They also state things like “You will not sure them in court”, “If you have a problem with them charging you, they have the final say on that charge”. This isn’t word for word but you get the idea.
    They realize how desperate people are to try and make extra money and they’re preying on you because you want to believe it so bad.

    There are a million sites that explain how to make money with Google AdSense. Find a website that doesn’t charge you for the info.

    Basically you:
    1. Build a niche website. Build a website about anything. Just pick a subject you know a lot about.
    2. Submit it to Google.
    3. Sign up for Google AdSense and add the coding to your site

    (You will never be able to work with Google AdSense if you have no knowledge of website building, html, or have someone that can do that kind of designing/building for you. You can always hire somebody but you will need someone with this knowledge to get it off the ground)
    4. Promote your site through different means like starting a blog on the subject (which is free through Google) and having the blog linking back to your site. Or article writing and submitting; where you write articles on the subject, submit them to sites like EZine Articles. The bottom of each article has an area to write about yourself and promote your site. The more articles you write, the more traffic you bring to your site. And there’s always Google Adwords where you put together a little ad about your site and have Google place the ad on their search site. You pay Google a set amount every time someone clicks your ad and goes to your site. Again it’s called Google Adwords (Go to Googles website and you can learn anything and everything about Google Adwords and AdSense.)
    There is no “get rich quick” way. It takes a lot of time and work but it does work (and it’s not hard work) if you’re really into it and follow the steps.

    The people that make a fortune with Google AdSense are people that have tons of websites and get lots of traffic to their sites. These people have spent years getting to that point but it can work for you if you work it work!

    Again, there are a lot of websites that teach you all this for free. You don’t have to pay anybody to learn all about it and any real informative site will pretty much tell you what I did above but might break it down even further for you and tell you how to do each step.
    Anyway, Good Luck AND DON’T FALL FOR THE $1.95 GOOGLE AD SCAM.

  20. Here’s what you won’t see on the Google $1.95 CD site unless you REALLY search for it because it’s pretty much hidden and they put enough claims on that page that once you order the CD, it’s considered a digital signature that you’ve now given them to charge you all this extra money and the signature is also considered that you’ve read all their terms and agreed to them even though no one’s seen this page until the $75 is removed from your bank account.
    – You’ll also notice all these sites have a comment area with great comments but you cannot leave one of your own because they “closed it because of spam”. Only the fake “happy customer” comments are posted.
    – Every ad for the $1.95 CD has the information below posted. Try to find it on their ad website. It’s there, somewhere!
    – I found this posted under a black link that said “Terms” on a black page. Black on black. Great way for someone not to find the “small print”. It was barely visable at all !!!

    Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Termination
    By purchasing this product, you agree to adhere to the termination agreement as outlined on the order page, confirmation of order page, and confirmation email, which is that you, the buyer, are not entitled to a refund of the upfront cost of any shipping and handling that may or may not have been charged to you for delivery of said product. Furthermore, any free trials that may or may not be offered with this product are only free during the said allotted time of the free trial period as outlined within the product sales page, confirmation of order page, and confirmation email. If you have not cancelled the free bonus within the 7 day trial period (if offered on product purchasing), you are agreeing to purchase the bonus material and/or service at a monthly reoccurring cost. The resource center is billed at $78.21 monthly. This can be cancelled at anytime simply by calling 1-800-235-1364 or by calling the customer service number provided in the confirmation email and stating your desire to cancel said bonus material. However, in order to not be charged any future reoccurring cost, please give ample time (2 business days) to be cancelled out of any reoccurring billing system before the next scheduled charge to your account (this does not apply during any trial period). Not cancelling trial programs constitutes authorization, by you, the buyer, for any charges (as outlined) for the associated bonus service until your request to cancel has been received by our customer service staff. By not cancelling the bonus program during the trial period or prior to two days before a scheduled billing cycle, you agree that any reoccurring charges billed to you will be non-refundable. All products are shipped via USPS.

    Customer Remedy
    Our company’s entire liability, and the purchaser’s exclusive remedy, shall be a refund of the price paid or replacement of our products, at our option. We limit replacement to thirty days.

    There shall be No Warranties express or implied.


  21. Jonny D

    Can someone just explain the basic just of how to get started to me? What I’m particularly curious about is how to start and maintain a website that I create. Some knowledgeable information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  22. i have a question, about the google links, lets say im going to make a website, advertising a business i have about party events, how do i get the links in my website, after i have done it or put them while im doing it, i dont know exactly how though

  23. Matthew D

    Thank you so much for this information about the 1.95 scam. I was starting to believe these links and about to ask my mother (who would most likely say yes) if I could use her credit card for this. I am so glad I found this website. Saved me a lot of grief and my mother a lot of money. THANK-YOU oh so much!

  24. matthew

    ok well google works although i had 1000 sites all with google on them and well i made 1000 dolars they shut down my account today and i dont know why and im screwd becuse i have over 700 paid domains all for google alon and there pointless now

    • ikipster

      What happened? If you made a thousand dollars, and they shut you down! That’s is disen couraging to me! There is always a draw back to every business, and I want to know going in what that draw back is! I do know that you can make money from this, but I also know that alot of people are making more money selling the concept of it than they are actally making linking ad to google?!!! okay! nOT MY FIRST rodeo pot’NER! i JUST WANT SOMEONE TO TELL ME THE WHOLE DEAL!

      • Well google not only can track things like that but, can associate things such as you telling people from certain IP’s that click all the links say you have 700 links and someone clicks every one of them with the same IP then google will associate this and then decide that you are telling people to click the links something that is explained to be an offense to the Adsense system.

      • Please can you show me how to do this??

  25. Folks.

    PAYING for any information about how to make money with google IS A SCAM.

    All of the needed information is freely and easily available.
    The part that is missing is your ability to produce and post articles on the web, by whatever means.

    There is many ways you can cash in on google adsense, none of which involve spending money to find out how. Although it’s not absolutely necessary, you may have to spend money to establish your own website, but NEVER to find out how to use google adsense!

    - you can create your own website(s), a few free webhosts will allow you to post some ads on your free website
    - some free blogs will allow you to post google ads within your own posts. Some blog sites will also pay you for posting anyways! 2 birds with one stone.
    - some websites will let you post articles or create your own user pages where you can post your own ads. Same as above, some of those sites will even pay you for copywriting!
    - you can also put google ads in your emails/newsletters that you might send out. I’m not sure of any sites that will pay you for writing newsletters.

    The alternative is to have the capital to pay someone who does know how.

    If you feel the need to pay someone to learn how to use google adsense then this endeavor is probably not for you! Go and do some learning, because figuring out how to integrate the google ads is trivial compared to creating the content needed to support them!

    There is no field of dreams goin on here. You will have to work to create targetted, meaningful and hopefully useful content to attract the right people who will be interested in the particular ads that you are serving them.

    The jist of this system is that it’s an affiliate marketing program. Webmasters have been cashing in on similar programs for decades. Amazon Bookstore, MSN, NBC, independent website affiliate programs, etc. There is nothing new going on here, no black magic. The difference now is that google is managing all of the affiliates for us, instead of tracking and managing them all on our own.

    So yes, it is certainly simpler now to cash in on ad revenues with google, but it’s the copywriting (creating content) that is going to consume your time and effort.

    Just having content to host your ads may be enough to be profitable, but probably not! The next step after creating some good content is to optimize your content for search engines, to maximize your search ranking and therefore increase your website exposure, bringing more eyes on your ads.

  26. just start a blog that can use adsense.

    write about your interests.
    make videos, etc, etc.

    as people discover your blog you’ll have traffic.

    don’t have an interest ?
    go to the library, research on a topic and blog about it.
    it’s that simple.

    yes, it’s work, but everything worthwile takes work.

    use a blog or website, embed a video about anything from anywhere…. write a long effective description about the video and that’s it. do at least one video a day if not more and over time, youll be making some money.
    post links from amazon ( to books, videos, items related to the video.
    realc4ever at

  27. Greg,

    You don’t really have to know how to build websites.

    What is most important is that you know how to create some type of interesting material for people to read and are willing to learn the rest. How you turn that into something that can be presented on the web can be (almost) as simple as posting to a blog and copy/pasting the google ad script into your post as html code.

  28. Hello:

    I just wanna know , if this is really true, i would love to make more money, i am from Peru, but i live in USA for now till the end of the year, so i am really interesting about google thing. i just want to know it really works???… and if i move back to Peru can i still working on it?
    Thank you

  29. DepressedHunchBack

    I still don’t get it,and I am definately trying to make money since I was recently fired and all,& I am stuggling in confusion with the system!Can anybody,I mean ANYBODY help me?I would freaking appriciate with any help given.Oh,and I know Google is a very safe place to trust.=)


  30. Hi,

    I am a new blogger, i still confuse how to get good position in google page.
    Do you have any suggest for me to increase my rank in google page?

    Thank u

  31. How do you put google links on pages like hubpages? Yeah you can go to google and click on one of the side links and then get the url and then post it on ur site but it wont say adds by google will it? and how would you get paid?

  32. Dolores Deisher

    I’m confused on the crash course about downloading because I entered username and password and it said password invalid. I’m waiting and no response from my email letting me know about password.

  33. okay does this reallly work and my friend let me know about this is pretty solid and im still considering to do the whole program YES SHOULD I DO IT or no ???? help please IM dedicated to do this and ill have my friend help me out

  34. Great imformation, Teach us how to get higher ranking.

    Thanks Jerome

  35. Technically that click you gave Hal is invalid – make sure no one sees u next time ;)

  36. I have been looking into a couple of things like this. This one sounds the best is make money with ebay a scam?

  37. Need some help getting on page one in google… any ideas welcomed… thanks…

  38. hi

    has anyone read the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” section and all the fees and negative billing options-whats that all about?

  39. stevenvkc


    Thanks for show this. I’m interest in this, as i have search for this kind of thing.I’m in mayalsia. does this work in malaysia too??

  40. john cuntass

    I think it’s like every other pyramid scheme, get there first and get people under you that will never make what you can. Like Primerica. there is money for those few people who work the in and outs while there other 99 percent pay for it.

  41. Wonderful tips.
    Thank you so much for the post.

  42. zinymegan

    Hey Guys,

    I am a student (limited budget) and have seen a few offers for free ipods and iphones. Does anyone Know if any if the free IPhone or Ipod offers are actually legit? I don’t want to waste my time filling out a hundred surveys and was hoping to hear from someone who may have had some success with this.


  43. Yup, gotta love google money. I enjoy waking up every morning to money from google in my google money account. Thanks for getting me started, I appreciate your info every day!

  44. So I guess this means that I can advertise health and safety type products via my website and possibly make a few £?


  45. i used to have a google rank of 6, but its gone down to 3 now.
    i wish i had ads on my site at that time…

  46. I don’t think many of the commentators here actually read the above article. We’re talking about using adsense, and creating quality content that people are searching for. SEO, people.

    The key words are: content and quality. Works for us, depending on your niche.

  47. Hey Court,
    i would like to know how this stuff work. could you please email me to show me how to do this stuff.


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