Link Juice Explained

Link juice is the currency of Google. In other words, it's the secret sauce that allows you to beat your competitors for rankings in Google. Sure, there are some other factors that Google uses to calculate rankings (see Search Engine Optimization), but link juice is by far the most important aspect of dominating Google and in order to understand Google, you have to understand link juice.

Google looks at how sites link to each other to figure out which ones are the best. To show this in a way that's understandable, let's show a few examples. Let's say that Site A and Site B are both about 'some keyword' and would both like to rank for 'some keyword'.

Google is going to take a look at links to determine which of these two sites is likely the best. At the most basic level, let's say that Site A gets a link from a site that Site B doesn't get:

Site A now looks better to Google and will outrank Site B. Let's say that Site C decides to link to Site B, as well:

Now they both look the same to Google, who will now have to look at another ranking factor to determine which one is the best. There are other factors but none of them is nearly as important as the link juice factor.

Let's add two new sites into the mix to further illustrate different scenarios that can happen:

In the above example, we now have Site D linking to Site A and Site E linking to Site B. To figure out which site is better between Site A and Site B, Google will have to look at the sites that are linking to Site D and Site E:

In the above example, Site D has more link juice than Site E because it's getting links from Site F, Site G, and Site H. That means that Site A has more link juice than Site B. Site A will therefore outrank Site B.

Google is able to map out link relationships on an enormous scale and that's what makes them Google.

For competitive keywords, the ranking sites have millions of links from other sites who have hundreds of thousands of links from other sites who have links from other sites who have links from other sites.

There are also non-competitive keywords that would require very few links to get ranked #1 in Google. I have #1 rankings that were achieved because of one link. This happens because all of the other sites have zero links from other sites or they have links only from sites that have no juice.

Every keyword is different and if you want to rank #1 for your keyword, your job is to get more link juice than the other sites that currently show up for that keyword.

To increase your juice you need to get more links, especially from sites that have a lot of juice.

If you're trying to understand link Buy propecia online prescription juice, I'm guessing you want to improve your search engine rankings. Improving rankings is all about a) targeting the right keywords, and b) getting the right kinds of links.

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  1. Best explanation ever! I’m really thinking about subscribing but I think after this post I’m interested to see whats in the academy!

  2. Court,

    Very good explanation of link juice. Straightforward and easy to understand. Also very true. Should help noobs out a lot in figuring out what people mean when they say “link juice”.


  3. wordbaiter

    Those sites mean pages, actually. This simplified model works well unless page E is a homepage of a real authority site, e.g. New York Times. In such case, site B most probably outranks site A. If F, G, D and H are MMO blogs, “most probably” means “sure like hell” :-)

  4. Superb presentation Court!

    If you don’t mind – I might use your page to send my custoemrs to for better understanding of link manipulations.

  5. Hi Court,
    I’m struggling to understand a little better G’s mind when it comes to keyword ranking and there’s a question I wanted to ask.
    At the moment I’m ranked #52 for a keyword in Google. My site is just 3 months old, and this is what I get from the SEO tool:
    PR is “-”, traffic value 0, Y! links 79, Y! page links 31, Alexa ranking (if this means anything at all) 13,120,092. In G, doing a links: search, I have 12 links.
    The page at #53 has: PR 4, age 04-1997, traffic value 127.203, Y! links 130.000, Y! page links 2, Alexa ranking 19.913. G links 9.

    Almost all of #53′s figures are better. How come I’m better ranked?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    • Hi, Andrea, #53 must get tons of traffic via other key phrases. Maybe their page is not optimized for that kayword. Maybe you´re in luck. Anyways. Why do you care about them? You should try to improve your rankings – #52 is as good as #286…

  6. I had been hunting for such simple and easy to understand n remember definition of link juice for quite a long time. At last my search ended here. Your academy must be having lot more such info……..
    Buzzintown Employee

  7. thanks for the explanation, been trying to figure out what link juice means for a while. thanks again

  8. What a brilliant explanation. I have tried long and hard to find an easy way to explain to clients why they didn’t rank high on Google and why they needed lots of inward links and why those links couldn’t just come from any old site. It is however one thing to know this stuff, quite another to do something about it ;) I’ve already signed up to Keyword Academy and am a premium member so I’ve an idea of just how much work it will be :( Still at least it pays :)

  9. beautiful! Ive been wondering for a few days what link juice is. :)

  10. You explained a great algorithm in a very few steps. I really liked it.

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  12. Great post! Very straight forward to understand!

  13. It is really very useful.

  14. Good explanation of the basics of ‘link juice’ . Does anyone know of google maps also gives you link juice or any google orhanic listing benefits?

  15. As far as i am aware (and i am no expert), google maps is to help find local business listings and is not related to an organic search.

  16. Amazing explanation about link juice with outstanding diagram..Thanks a lot

  17. alot of searching and reading at last,i’ve stop here, this is the most simple staright to the point explanation, very easy to understand. tq again

  18. i got 2 question here, hope somebody can explain

    1. blogroll in your blog…does it consider a linkjuice?

    2. blog B – having alot of link pointing to it, do i get linkjuice if i link to blog ‘B’

  19. This was the best article that broke down how Link Juice actually works. I’ve read articles in the past that give a bulleted list over what factors into link juice but these diagrams show me exactly what it is. And that is back linking.

  20. I like this explanation. I’ve found it very useful when trying to explain the concept of Link Juice to SEO novices. You’re essentially trying to show the search engines that you’re the best thing on the web for a particular phrase and you’re proving it with the number of links coming into your site, the quality of those links and the way they’re linking (and also how they link to other sites). Some people just need the boxes laid out to understand the concept better!

  21. its nice one, easy to understand, now i got what is link juice.
    Thanks court.

  22. Excellent explanation. Yet can you please explain in which ways the “keyword density” affects the link juice? I mean, going back to your example, what about if the links to site A all have the same anchor text? It is said that Google penalizes if the link text or anchor text is repeated regularly. Does this affect the “juice”. thanks.

  23. Great explanation.
    What about internal site structure, and spreading juice across own sites pages. Is it same principal…

  24. In simple language link juice is PR – More HPR sites link to your site more benefit you will get right. very nicely explained thanks :)

  25. Hello,
    Your article is very helpful. I’m wondering though how it applies to microsites? I would like to build a small network of microsites that link to one another depending on the relevance, content of each website.

    What are the ideal mechanisms for cross-linking among affiliate microsites without being perceived by the web crawlers as a link-ring or spammy?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  26. thanks for that very clear info
    heres mine i say juice

  27. thanks for explaining been looking for a simple explanation about link juice.

    Thanks again!

  28. i never know about link juice before… thanks for explaining…

  29. This is a very good explanation of the importance of link juice. The trick is to get the right sites linking back to yours.

    What are your thoughts on cross linking? For example having a WP blog link to a Squidoo Lens, both having reciprocal links with your main site. Do you think this method still has value?

  30. Hi Court,
    Nice post but i have little issues like:
    1)your means no. of “Inbound links” compare to your competitor site.
    2)high page rank sites link to your site compare to your competitor site.
    3)quality inbound links with relevancy.

    its a very nice post with example. Waiting for your reply.


  31. I appreciate the visual aid in understanding the value of links. I would like to know if you lose any value to links if you rebuild a site and use redirects to point to *.html urls with a ton of links to them. I am redesigning my site ( and originally used .html and .htm filenames as I did not understand how to use php. I now am wanting to redesign the site entirely but I know I cannot get rid of all my .html filenames or I lose the links. What if I use redirects to maintain the urls as they are now but send them to the site layout? Will the links lose value?

  32. Sir, As the description of link juice is pretty clear to me now, I have only one more questions in mind. “How often does Google keep updating the link juice” and I know mozRank is about this link juice, but is this directly used from Google or separately acquired independent to Google. Kindly also visit my blog Agile virtual and it would be great if you could point out some improvements in my blog.

  33. I guess while summarizing the above information, we should increase our link juice of our website by doing effective link building with those website having enough link juice.

  34. Great and informative post what is a good web tool to measure link juice and what would be a good score? Do link juice and pagerank mirror I know higher equals higher but can it give you an idea?
    Thanks again

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    Great information. Nowhere easily explained compared to above explanation. I understood link juice easily.

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  37. Court,

    Thanks for the great article, now I understand!


  38. Great Explanation court!

    Someone told me today that if high PR sites link to my site, , that it won’t help my page rank, but would help my SERP’s. Can anyone explain this? Is it correct?

  39. Excellent little article. This is a difficult concept for people to grasp when talking about outbound links.

    Isn’t this primarily why “link farming” doesn’t work in the long term? Regardless of the perceived PR (relevant or not) if a PR8 is linking about to a 1000 sites it only divides out so many ways.

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