New Make Money Experiment – 100 Hubs In 30 Days

Lately I've been cooking up some new experiments. I'm not going to lie – I frakkin LOVE experiments. I always learn a ton when I do them and they fit inline with one of my personal mottos free cialis which is 'GO BIG OR GO TO BED'. If you missed my last experiment you should check it out:

What led me to this next experiment is actually quite interesting…

I have created some hubs lately on HubPages to help promote some other sites and pages that I have. Hubs seemed to be pretty strong pages so I figured that I could pass some link juice to other sites and pages that I have. I created my first hub and pointed a link to a page, only to find that the link was nofollowed. That means that the link wasn't going to pass any juice to my page so I did some searching and figured out that HubPages gives you a score as an author and you have to maintain a score above 74 (out of 100) to get links that don't have nofollows on them.

I did some more reading and figured out that it isn't that tough to get a score of 74 and that I could get there by creating a few more hubs. This REALLY annoyed me lol. I thought it was stupid that I had to do extra work just to get a link I mean I was giving them free content, after all. I dediced that I had already created one so I might as well create a few more so that I can get the juice from the first one. I figured that I could get some juice from the additional hubs I created as well so I thought 'what the heck'.

I ended up with five or six hubs and let them sit for a few weeks so that I could get the juice to my original pages. It was during that time that I decided that I might as well use the Adsense feature on HubPages because I figured that they would get some traffic eventually. HubPages does a 60/40 split with you on Adsense impressions. That to me was really annoying because even though you get 60% and HubPages gets 40%, it seemed like a lot to be giving when you're the one that creates the content for the hub. Even though I was annoyed I decided to do it anyway because I created the hubs to get the links and I figured that a click here and there wouldn't be that bad.

I activated Adsense in my account. The next day I checked – How To Make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry'>Wire Writing Secrets – How To Make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

it and found out that I had made like $4. I thought, “that has to be a fluke.” I checked the next day and had made another $3. I was honestly shocked. I figured that I really wouldn't make hardly anything because I hadn't done that much and HubPages was getting 40% of the Adsense impressions.

Since then I've made some more hubs and have figured out that the authority of the domain makes it pretty dang easy to get search traffic. At first the math didn't make sense in my head and if you know me you know that if the math doesn't work, I can't move forward. It wasn't working in my mind until I realized that getting rankings seemed much more than 40% easier on HubPages.

I had never really seen HubPages as a viable method for making money online but suddenly I find myself very curious and surprisingly confident that I can make a ton with HubPages and Adsense.

The Experiment

I find that if I'm going to really find out how viable any system is as a money maker, I have to jump in full steam. So far I've only been flirting with HubPages and I'm ready to take our relationship to the next level. In the next 30 days I will be creating at least 100 hubs. That means I'm going to have to do some serious planning over the next few days and then unleash a fairly large amount of content. I know that the amount of content I'm going to want to use for each hub (around 400 words) will cost me either 30 minutes or $5 if I hire someone. I don't have 50 hours to spend on this but I'll figure out how to make ends meet somehow.

I would like to invite you to join my in this experiment. I know with 100% certainty that I will make some extra money with this. It's impossible to know how much but I feel that it's going to be pretty significant. There will also be huge benefits from having additional, juicy pages that I can use to link to projects that I already have.

If you would like to join in, run over to HubPages, sign up for an account, and leave a comment here telling the group what you're willing to commit to. I don't really want any “I'll see how many I can get done” stuff going on. Commit yourselves to a number of hubs and stick to it. I am excessively busy and I've still committed to creating between three and four hubs per day for a month straight. I better go buy some Mountain Dew. :)



  1. Wow this is a great experiment.

    I will definitely be looking into this!

  2. Court,

    I have done about 15 to 20 hubs to a few of my sites and it has helped a lot. Yes, developing that much content times 4 sites is very time consuming, but I love HubPages! 100 in 30 days is going to be pretty cool! Maybe I should get my content writer rolling for me and I can try it too!

    • Greg you should do it! I really think that this is going to work out well but there’s only one way to find out. :)

  3. Mountain Dew? Wow, man — you better get something a little stronger than that. :)

    STRONG coffee, perhaps? Red Bull? Pick your poison…haha.

    Anyways, my name is Ryan Hupfer and I was just reading over your blog post here and I must say that as an employee of HubPages I’m very intrigued by what you’re proposing here.

    I’d like to get a few more details on your plan and potentially keep up with your progress over on our blog (

    Shoot me an email so that we can figure it out, cool?

    Here’s to some serious Hubbing!

    Ryan Hupfer
    HubPages Communicator of Awesomeness!

  4. I created a hub a little more than a year ago and received little out of the experience. Since then though, I’ve learned a ton from this site and others. I can’t commit to several a day, but I think I can create one a week this month and see how it goes from there.

    I wonder if a hub and a new website were created at the same time (same topic, without identical content), which is more valuable in the long run? I imagine that in the short term the hub would perform better but with enough attention the website would do better over the long haul. It might depend on the topic though. That would make for a great year-long experiment.

    • I have a lot of the same questions Will – which is better in the long run. It’s interesting to think about because with HubPages, the site will continue to get stronger whether you work on your hubs or not. Other people are helping to strengthen the site. On your own site you get all of the impressions. I’m excited to see how this works out over a 30 day period and then for the months and years after it’s over.

  5. I’ll do one a day, so 30. Not making excuses, but this is my busiest month of the year with opening cottages, plus my daughter’s getting married, so we are swamped, but I’m aiming for 30. At least then I’ll have enough hubs for 3 sites under the TKA plan.

    • One per day is solid Medic! Stay in touch and let me know how it goes!

  6. This should be really interesting! That is a lot of hub pages, but if you get the results, it will be well worth it :D

  7. Ok, I’ve given this some thought and I’ve decided that I’m down for giving 100 Hubs in 30 days a shot — maybe we could do a contest against each other? I’ll just write about things that I feel like writing about and you just write about the topics that you research for keywords and we’ll keep track of the traffic/payout for each of them.

    We’ll both create accounts from scratch so that we can keep track of our traffic and earnings without anyone having an advantage/disadvantage.

    Sounds like fun to me. :)

    …this could get tiring.

    • You’re on Ryan. :) I created a brand new account and have a whopping author score of 0 as of right now. I sent you an email – stay in touch, I’d love to know how you’re doing with this. :)

      • Hehe this is a cool approach – I pretty did the random topic thing over a year ago with the big Hubpage contest – it gave me some great hubs but few of them ever made me money! I am starting a new persona and see what I can using the keyword approach!

  8. Suffering Catfish! This is a great idea. I’m in for the full 100. I like your style, pal: it only costs a nickle more to ride first class.


  9. Awesome idea. I did the exact same thing that you did only to find out that the links were no-followed. I did however manage to get the link followed (for a while) even though I only had one hub up.

    Did you do anything special keyword targeting to make sure you got some traffic?


    • Yeah I actually did Mikael! I did keyword targeting just like I would with a post page on one of my blogs:

      • I was more thinking in the lines of whether you were targeting some really low hanging keywords with only a small amount of searches per month in order to achieve faster results?

        I know 30 articles at a rate of 50 submissions per day will give you a lot of links but most of them are not that strong and therefor I assumed that going for very targeted keywords would probably not work in such a short time span.

  10. Court-

    Forgive me for asking what may be a silly question, but I’m curious as to the goal of the hundred HubPages you will be creating.

    Are they designed to give link juice to your other sites, and if so, will they be on the primary and secondary keywords of those sites?

    Or, if they are designed to make AdSense income on their own, will you be creating pages based on good keywords you can compete with?

    BTW, thanks to your site I am celebrating my first three indexed websites this week!


  11. I actaully have just started a semi-similar experiment where I target a keyword with a hub and then build 10 additional hubs that target related keywords to push the first hub up in the rankings for its main keyword. The experiment is on a side burner right now, so I have been taking it slow – but I think I’ll get my experiment done now in 30 days just so it is done and out of they way.

  12. Court,

    Sounds like a great experiment and in my downtime I have begun working on some new hubs.

    How much content are you creating on each hub? One article? Three articles?

    Also, does a separate author account throw any red flags to Hubpages if they are using the same adsense account id?

    • I use different accounts with the same Adsense id…its no problem at all.

      I just found out about this so I haven’t had time to prepare of nothing. I might do 50 hubs in 15 days since you guys already started.

  13. Court, I’m wondering if you had directed any links towards these hubpages before you let them sit, or were they just left alone.

    Can you track the adsense on these sites within your adsense account using channels, or do you never really know how much each hubpage is making?

  14. [Dudes, been a grizz/vic/court-AHOLIC since 12/08 when I entered "the game". I already, make good money at work, but passive money is my here I am 5 months later with tons of domains and staying afloat (with floaty arm things...)...making some nice change...can't wait to quit my job...]

    Anyway, I read on a blog called traffic mystic about a squidoo/hub/article marketing technique a while back and have been making squidoo and hubpages everday ever since. Just for the juice and bl.

    HUBPAGES ARE STRONG! After a day, in the right niche, they’re like page 1/2. So awesome. Basically a nice “place holder” until I get my actual page up there. Squidoo is wack dizzle now, they never rank… So, I point my squid to the hub.

    Man, Court, why’d you have to write this post!!! Now peeps are gonna flood the hubs! JK, it’s all good. Go get that money, boyz/girlz! I just don’t want to see you on my turf! JK, again…

  15. Hi Court,

    You have surely given me some food for thought. I mean creating 100 hubpages sure sounds easier than creating 100 niche blogs. Thanks!

  16. LOL one of the things I find funny in life is the stuff you know that no one else does. I wrote for at least a year on hubpages because I couldn’t get any other site to rank – in fact I started my personal blog by using the fanbase from hubpages to actually get a few people visiting it! I thought every site you added a new hub and it was instantly indexed in Google – boy was I shocked when I tried that on Squidoo :-( I was told over and over by serious IMers that hubpages was a waste of time – squidoo was where it was at – but to be honest if I can’t have instant indexing I am not interested in any web2.0 author content generated site!

    I think one thing that you should clarify for people – in this post it sounds like you just post a 400 word text article – but in reality your hubs are real hubs – they have video, pictures, rSS feeds etc. Nothing screams spam more loudly in hubpages than text only articles!

    Also Id be interested to hear how publishing a 100 hubs in 30 days affects your author score – I post hub these days and my author score immediately goes to 100 for a few days. When my score was in the mid-90′s publishing a hub used to drop my score for a few days. What I think has happened is that I am a highly trusted author there because of my interaction in the community (number of comments on my hubs, my comments on others plus forum posts) – so now I get more love faster – its one of the reasons I am wary of starting new personas there – its so much easier with my existing one!

    Also publishing a bunch of hubs in a tight niche can have the additional benefit the automatically generated (you have no control) list of “related hubs” on a page end up all being by you- giving them an extra link: my best example is dancing:—Dancesport but I am quite strong in the hubpages writing field as well usually have about 3 related hubs on that page.

    • Lissie, and all:

      I mirror what you say. I created 4 Squidoo lenses last week and they still aren’t indexed. I created 4 new hubs last night, yep LAST NIGHT, and they are already indexed and I am getting search traffic for them!!!!

      Squidoo is still good for backlinks, but I think they are pretty much shot for quick indexing. Time to work on some more Hubs!

      • forgot to add the fact that before I put the new hubs up, my author score was a 59. This morning, it is now a 76!!!

    • I’ve also loved HubPages, I just couldn’t figure out how to get it doing what I wanted it to do! LOL I’ve always loved the fact that what I wrote got read by real people and ranked well for organic traffic from Google & the other two. Tried Squidoo, didn’t like it. HubPages has definitely been where it’s at.

      I’ve also recently noticed interacting in the community makes an impact on your author Score. I was holding steady between 90-93 for a while, now I’m maintaining a 96/97. For a beginner posting Hubs with good keyword research (which we know Court knows how to do) I don’t think it would be hard to get a high author score.
      A little interaction and it should be a piece of cake to get to 100! We’ll see…

      I’ve also noticed several of my related Hubs showing in the new related Hubs capsule. It helps (I think) for interlinking and increases traffic to your Hubs. I’m also going to give a new profile a shot though, just for this experiment.

  17. It’s on, Court — the 100 Hub Challenge will begin on Monday!

    OK, so who are all of you betting on making the most money from our 100 Hubs? Me, a halfway decent writer and employee of HubPages, or Court, the keyword magician?

    Also, does anyone else want to do the challenge with us?

    Come on….it’ll definitely be worth it in the end.

    • Waddoups

      My money is on Court. haha He seems to always pull money out of thin air.

  18. Ok, I’m up for the challenge. I plan on doing 30 hubs in 30 days. So a hub a day. Should be fun.

  19. I’m up to the challenge. Many other things on my plate; full-time job, young son, a half dozen blogs etc..OK enough wining…
    How about 2 a day until my vacation starts, 40 Hubs in 20 days….

  20. I’m also keen for trying out this experiment too. I only have a few hubs and I haven’t been putting any real work into them. But I have to say, I’m quite intrigued.

    I think I can pony time (between creating all my other niches and getting backlinks) to participate. Going to be crazy trying to find 100 niche keywords to target, but it should be fun!

    So, Court, Ryan, I’ll join you on this 3 hubs a day for a month madness :)

  21. great…
    but does the crash course theories apply to hubpages too like the 30-day link rule

  22. I’m going to try and do 1 a day for 30 days. It may not seem like much, but it’s all I can commit to right now. I’m very excited about it, but am dealing with stupid local internet issues (expensive as all hell bandwidth), but this, 1 a day, I could do. Ooooh, an exciting project!

    Do they all have to be separate subjects? Just a thought.

  23. Ah yes! And when you create all your 100 hubs under one author I will not have to do much work to steal all your keyword ideas! Sounds pretty dangerous to me and not worth the risk!

    • Stacy,

      This is just my opinion. I don’t think Court is concerned with people finding his niches. He has stated in the past, he doesn’t care if people know his keywords, because by and large people are too lazy to do the work it takes to rank for those keywords.

  24. Hey Court

    If you use a single hubpages account to create 100 hubs as a source of backlinks to your primary niche sites, doesn’t this leave a huge footprint alerting all and sundry to your primary sites?

    I’m assuming you’re doing this as an experiment to create revenue through Adsense on hubpages only with no outbound links – oh, and to create some juicy affiliate commission from all your readers here who sign up via you link;-)

    Affiliate page is here


    P.S. I’m giving this challenge a bash starting today purely because I’m a big fan of yours and trust your instincts.

    • Sorry – missed Stacy’s comment above saying the same thing

  25. Hey there Court,

    Great Idea Man! I already have the content ready so all I have to do is CREATE, CREATE, CREATE…
    I will do 3 a day! for 30 days!

    I’m in your club, so I am already working on something BIG with my crew.

    See you soon in the mile high club lol!

  26. Hi Court,

    Love the idea. Are you going to be building any backlinks to these hubs? I’m just wondering whether you are intending to get serp traffic or will you rely on getting visitors from those browsing from within the hubpages domain itself?

  27. I like hub pages mostly because it is ridiculously easy to create a hub. I can write one in about 10 minutes. I started using them when I realized with Squidoo a lot of their pages are not even indexed in Google (I let some of them go for months without ever checking…man I was I man!)

    Better than both of them though in my opinion is Associated Content. They pay on page views too which adds up to some nice income after awhile. Their articles usually hit the first page of Google within hours of publishing, unless it’s some super competitive topic…and it nicely bumps your sites up and brings a lot of referral traffic that converts to adsense nicely also :)

    As a former Mtn Dew Addict, I hope you are drinking diet at least…there’s 46 grams of sugar in each 12 ounce can…which can leave you pretty exhausted actually. :)

  28. Thanks for mentioning Hubpages. I went to check my account that I created months ago to find that my articles have received nearly 1000 page views.

    This is stuff I wrote about when I had no idea what I was doing. I figured Hubpages were a waste so I quit using them.

    But to check my account to see I had received that much traffic for some articles I threw together, not knowing what I was doing was an eye opener.

    I have to give Hubpages a new look.

  29. Hmmm…

    1. Article spinning

    2. Automation


    1. Write/get 1 article -> spin it and get 500 articles. Buy 100 articles -> spin it and get 50 000 articles.

    2. Automate the whole hub page building. [Optional... build links.]

    Think BIG!

  30. Court,

    Just wanted to confirm, is it only one article per hub?


  31. I’m in the process of creating some ridiculous graphics for this Hub Challenge and I’m so pumped to see that so many of you are also jumping on board with this thing. Very cool.

    One thing that I wanted to mention was that once you start posting Hubs for your 30 Day Hub Challenge (Court and I are both starting on Monday) could you please do 2 things for me:

    1. If you Tweet info about your progress with the Hub Challenge could you please use the #HubChallenge hashtag after each of your tweets so that we can keep an eye on what everyone’s up to and how their challenge is going. Also, you can follow HubPages on Twitter here for overall challenge updates:

    2. Once you start writing your Hubs, please add a ‘HubChallenge’ tag to any Hub that you’re writing for your 30 Day Hub Challenge so tat we can do some cool reporting and analysis on the Hubs that we’re all writing during our 30 days.

    Any other questions, please let me know — I’m excited to see ho all of this works out.

    Oh, and last thing, here are 2 Hubs that you should read over so that you know you’re within our rules when publishing your Hubs:

    Overly Promotional Hubs:

    Substandard Hubs:

    Happy Hubbing, everyone!!

    Ryan Hupfer
    HubPages Communicator of Awesomeness!

    p.s. Ray, you’re correct — it is one article per Hub. :)

  32. I did the 30 in 30. (Went from $40/day- $120/day on one site… yikes.)

    I am game for the 100 in 30.

    Better part is that I don’t even have to write the articles, already got them ready. :o)

  33. This is interesting. I have several hubs, they get like 5-6 visits a month each. That was an experiment from the past that never relly proved to be rentabile. IMO you must promote them to get some more visitors, which makes it less attractive. $4 a day with like 5-6 hubpages? I should give it a try again, in 5 hours I mhave to have some 100 hubs ready with outsourced articles. What was the topic, if you can share?

  34. I have just recently discovered hubpages and am trying to figure out how to create money making articles. I look forward to reading about your experiences and your success rate. Good luck (not that you need if of course).

  35. Hi Court,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with HubPages. I am in this game. I already have one hub, so 99 left :) 3 hub per day is reasonable for me. This is my Hub

  36. Cool. I’ll put in for 30 and jump right in into the challenge.

  37. Hi everyone,

    I’m gonna make it official as well. I’m going to write 3 hubs a day for the next 30 days. Wow, now I’m committed. I really believe that this is going to pay off!

    Over the past couple of days I have been looking at what I really want to throw all of my time at as some of my sites seem to be struggling. And yesterday and today, I spent some time writing articles for Associated Content, but now I’ve decided that hubpages looks more promising and more profitable.

    This will be fun!


  38. court I have been doing the keyword snipping thing to hubpages for about two months now, and you are right ,its really really good :)
    since then, I have churned a nice 250 bucks ,a month for creating just about 10 pages ,any way good luck with your mission …I guess you will be making a thousand times more than I have :)

  39. Court,

    with that hub that made you $4 a day.. did you build any links to it? or was that just from putting the hub up and then forgetting about it? were you targeting a long tail keyword with little competition?

  40. It’s so good to see one of the MMO leaders catch on to what HubPages has to offer! I’ve been making pretty good money there since last year, when I accidentally discovered how well it works. I made a lot of hubs when I first started blogging and had no idea about SEO. When they didn’t earn anything I abandoned them. But when eBay unexpectedly put some money in my bank account months later for hub earnings, I woke up. So I went back and optimized my hubs. They started making money right away and I’ve since refined the hub-making process to make money through five different channels (an affiliate program, eBay, Amazon, Kontera and AdSense).

    It’s ironic that you posted this now. I’m just about to finish an epic-sized hub about my formula for making money on HubPages. Most of it is about general SEO for newbies but there are some specific tips for using HubPages that make a difference in the earning potential. It will be available through the profile link on this comment when it’s done if anyone is interested.

    • Thomas Budd

      No link showed up, I would like to read your hub about making money with hubs.


      • Hi, Thomas. Click on my name on the comment above, which will take you to my HubPages profile page. My name doesn’t look like a link because it’s the same color as the other text, but there’s a link there. As of today (until I do another hub), the make money article is the first listing under “Hubs by WordPlay.”

  41. Ok guys and gals,

    The “Hubbers” are up for the challenge and are gaining momentum also!

    This sounds like it will be very interesting!

  42. I have started a new hub page just for this challenge. Check it out as I am adding more and more content every minute!


  43. Geez, Court. I finally start diving in hardcore on working my blogs and you have to throw up a distraction like this?!


    Ok, I’m in. 2-3 per week. First one just went up.

  44. This is funny because I just found this thread today and last night before quitting for the day I put on my calendar that I would do 3 hubs today.
    So I will postpone making these hubs until monday so that I can join in the contest on hubpages. I am not committing to a number that I might not reach but I will try one a day average.

  45. I’ll do one a day.


  46. katyzzz

    Thanks for the notice, it’s already late afternoon here, I’m not too sure what it is all about and don’t really have the time to read but I’ll give 100 in 30 a blast, I take it you accept drop outs. I think I am being really foolish and see more in it for hub pages than for me.

  47. This sounds…umm, challenging. Count me in. I will give it a try. I’ll do 30 hubbies.

  48. I have like 11 or 12 so far and am trying to do a few a day but have a few more pressing projects so I will likely be of the 30 in 30 days crowd.

  49. I’m in for thirty. This should be a challenge for me.

  50. I accept the challenge.. I am in for 100..

  51. Y’know this is a great idea.I have been planning for some time to get started on a series of adsense monetised websites.Never quite get at it because the work of putting together all those sites is a lot to contemplate.Also the expense of registering all the domain names and hosting costs is high.Putting up a Hubpage is a lot easier than a website and costs zero.why didn’t i think of it before?I am in for a min imum 30 sites and aim to see how many more than that I can do.This time of year i am really busy with other things but this really looks worth doing so I am going to make the time for it.JM.

  52. Well, beginning my 100 hubs in 30 days effort. Good luck to everyone else!

    Ben K

  53. What was your first Hub score? and what is average? If it is the number next to the Hub title – I got a 49… yikes. No?

  54. and what is shown in adsense when I see a HubPage Impression???

  55. @ Joshua – don’t remember my first HubScore, but I do have a new profile I just set up with 1 Hub and my score is also 49. It’ll go up as you’re find by the SE & community & as you participate/publish new Hubs. Visit the HubPages forums – you’ll find answers to most of your questions there. Best!

  56. Looks like an excellent idea to me, I’ve only done 2 hubs so I don’t see much point in creating a new account. I’m going to go for gold, 100 Hubs in 30 days even though I’m a day late starting

  57. I’m signing up for the 30 hubs in 30 days – I know that 100 is too much for me and some of the best hubbers average about 20 in the month, but they put a lot of effort into them.

    Baby steps!

  58. For guys who didn’t know (I did not)

    To track impressions and clicks in Adsense, you must add a new “URL Channel”, not a custom channel as you may be accustomed to… I always make custom channels…

    I only made 2 yesterday because of all the work I had to do with moving servers and school, but I already have 3 clicks today! Uh Oh spaghetti o’s.

  59. Alright Court – I’m in. Actually, my wife and I are going to tag team this one. I created a new profile at Hubpages and we’ve done 6 so far. What I decided to do was create hubs for all the keywords that came up ‘green’ in your Keyword Crash Course that had a potential of less than $100.00. That way I know I hitting easy keywords with potential, but ones that I don’t want to spend the effort to create a full site.

    See ya back here in 30 days!

  60. Hmmm, This is very interesting. i am starting a new website, and this is a fine opportunity to drive traffic to it. I’m gonna do 30 Hubs…….Woot!!!

  61. Brodderick

    ooh, I’m late – just got Marks’ email with this post in my inbox. But I’m in – all 100!

    PS, this is officially the first challenge I’ve signed up for – lets’ see if the public commitment helps with my follow through :-)

  62. Ok, I’m in for 100. This ties in nicely with the “$100 a Day” experiment I’m documenting on Blogger’s Workshop. Together, the two experiments should generate a pretty nice pile of cash!

  63. Ok I’ll give it a shot. Do you like hub better than squidoo?

  64. atmarupa

    Wow! Seems to be great experiment. I’m just afraid of one thing – that things like this contest won’t spoil the trust Google has in Hubpages. My worries come from the point that if one speaks about quantity it is ususally done at the cost of quality, so creating a lot of low quality pages may impact hubpages badly. So I hope you guys will make a decent content won’t you?

    Yet I really like the contest and good luck to all of you!

    • I wouldn’t worry so much about that. Hubpages is HUGE. And from what I have seen with my Hubpages in a day… the domain must command some serious authority in google’s eyes.

  65. Hi, Is it just write an hub about something different each time for the 30 or 100, or are they all to be related to a topic that you have a site for?

    I would love to be part of it, but I don’t think I am experienced enough yet. Might have to sit this one out.

    It is a great idea and I will watch with great interest, but with only my first niche site up and 9 more that I am in the process of completing, I haven’t even gotten to the hub pages for my first site yet.

    I do love to write though… What do you all think?
    I’ll be part of it next time!

  66. I’m doing 30 in 30 on hubpages. the topics will be varied and will cover all my major interests.

  67. Interesting post – I’ll join in too! I’ll do 30 hubs in 35 days (because I want a day off each week lol), all about the one niche that I’m really focusing on right now.

    I joined Hubpages last year, but only put up one hub. I generally prefer Squidoo, but like others here I’ve been finding that it takes forever for my lenses to get indexed these days, so I’m finding Hubpages more attractive. Plus I’ve mostly focused on affiliate marketing so far & my Adsense earnings are dismal, so maybe this will give them a boost. I’ll get some good backlinks to my own sites if nothing else!

  68. That’s interesting so you have to achieve over 74% to yield results, fascinating. Hubpages was recommended to me my Bill Mackintosh these figures you speak of are awesome. I don’t think I have linked all my hubs separately to addsense, is this the case or can you just link to the home page.

    I think I can commit to something however I am not sure how much after-all Hubpages now covers so much, and I suppose with this amount of hubs projected there is a danger of repetitive information?

  69. I’ve got a lot of time to kill, so I’m gonna go for 60 hubs over 30 days, since realistically I think I can manage doing 2 hubs per day. Will mostly be random green keywords I find, though I might go ahead and make a hub on something I’m actually interested in now and then.

  70. I have long ignored hubpages court, but still getting few dollars every month because of those few hubs i have. I think success in Hubpages needs same strategy as any other website. The plus points are you get immediate visitors, immediate indexing, and some link juice without working hard for it. I am in for the experiment.

  71. Isn’t the point to come up with content that is ‘evergeen’ and won’t grow stale?

  72. Wow, I didn’t thing it possible to get that much traffic on Hubpages. Maybe I have to give them another shot…lol

  73. Hi there this is an excellent idea and I think I might try something similar! Doing challenges like this is such a great idea, it really gets you going and there’s no time for writer’s block or anything, great stuff!

  74. Never thought of this, great idea! I’ve already started my research on topics to write about and I think I’m going with 30 in 30 days. If I do well from that, then I’ll take the 100 in 30 days challenge!

  75. I’m doing the challenge too. Just finished 6/100. THis is a great idea!

  76. Looks like a good idea, you never know maybe you’ll start getting tons of traffic. Will try this out soon.


  77. I haven’t use Hubpages much but I keep hearing that Hubpages is the way to go – especially with all the changes at Squidoo lately.

    This is certainly motivating me to give it another try! 100 in 30 days – why not?

  78. I have written 30 hubs in 30 days and going to write a lot more of them.My question is how long will it take to see some income from them?

  79. Looks like alot of work and im not very good at writing stuff. Might give it a try tho.

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  86. This page is invaluable, I deeply liked it, I’m going to be back for more!

  87. I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I’m starting to see things differently.

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  89. Whatever you do. DONT send irrelevant links back to your main hub. They will ban you

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