The Dirty Little Secret of Making Money Online in the Internet Marketing World

The dirty little secret is exactly this:

There is no secret.

Period. End of story. You see, most people who are not computer geeks or marketing majors actually do not have a clue about how other people make money online.

Most of the population has this vague notion that money is being made on the internet. They understand that the web is vast, and that a lot of money changes hands over the web, but they don’t really understand all of the ins and outs.

So the average person believes that there is some secret to making money on the internet, and if they only knew what this secret was, then they could make money too.

Or if they had the technical knowledge or the skills, then they could earn money online.

But the fact is that there is no secret, and the technical skills needed to build an online income have been reduced to practically nothing.

If you can type, you can make money online.

For example, a few years back, Hubpages sort of took the world by storm, and anyone could sign up for a Hub account and start creating hubs. The domain had a lot of authority and so it was pretty easy to rank hubs quickly and start earning money with a simple AdSense account.

I knew a guy who was putting up like 20 to 30 hubs every single day. Every day!

This guy did not need any special knowledge, he did not need to know how to program computers, and in fact, he did not even need to own a computer. He could have done this at the public library (so long as they don’t have a time limit!).

And so at the end of a month or two he had over a thousand hubs, and was making several hundred dollars per day from them. Unbelievable.

Now that particular exploit has probably been milked dry by now and run its course, but you can still apply that same business model to other platforms, or even just build up your own website in the same way.

Most people would argue that they do not know how to “set up their own website.” This is an excuse, and a poor one. Why?

Because the hosting companies are begging for your business, and they will hold your hand through the entire process of buying a domain name and getting your WordPress blog up and running. You can call them up and they will talk you through it, step by step, until you have your first article published. Seriously. They hosting companies want your business THAT bad. They will practically teach you how to do all of it, until you have published your first post.

After that, you have no excuse. Go to Google and they will hold your hand too as you sign up for AdSense. Sure, there are other ways to make money, but this is the simple way to start. Call up a web host, buy a domain name for 10 bucks, purchase hosting for 10 bucks per month, and start publishing content.

Now, just publish mountains of quality content, every single day.

That is the entire secret, wrapped up in a nutshell.

Yes, there are other ways to make money. Yes, there are other business models on the web. Yes, you could make money online doing something completely different than this.

But the average web surfer really has no excuse. If you can type, you can make money online.

The only question is: do you want to do the work?

For 99 percent of the population, the answer is “no.” They want to play around on Facebook, they want to watch television, they want to surf the web and look at cute kitten pics. But most people do not want to put in the work to build up a passive income stream.

And that is the real secret right there.

IF you are hungry to build a lean business, and you are not afraid to write and publish lots of content every day, then you can build a real business online–with practically no special skills or know-how at all.

It is a matter of volume.

Are you ready to start publishing?


  1. I agree Skinny, An online business is just like any other business, it takes time, effort and investment. It’s funny though, I see internet marketers more than any other group claiming to have a product that’s “push button” or “turn key”. This is simply marketing but many newbies fall into the hype and end up wasting time and money.

  2. Having worked for a leading UK dot com I have to agree that there were no “secrets” to uncover from the other professionals behind the site. I spent a lot of time with the SEO team for example and found that they were doing all the same things we all know we should do – write articles, tag up our pages correctly, build links. No more, no less.

    The beauty about an online business is the low cost of entry. Anyone can get going and build a site, you’ll learn some tough lessons on the way but you won’t have bet your house on it. Compare this to, say, having a go at running a restaurant. You simply wouldn’t be able to afford to learn on the job, get that wrong and you’ll be left owing a lot of people a lot of money!

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