Getting Started

Pick a market where there is lots of competition. Competition means there is money to be made in that niche.

Choose it based on the level of pain the customer is has. The more urgent the pain the faster they want to resolve it. 

You don’t need to be an expert. Stop thinking you have to be an expert to teach people how to get a desired result. 

Watch the movie “Catch Me If You Can.” This shows that you don’t need to be an expert. 

All you need to be is one chapter ahead of your customer. 

Use the L.D.T. Method which is Learn, Do, Teach. Learn something then do what you’ve learned and teach it to others. 

Ways to research:

  1. If there is a magazine for a market then it’s a good one to get into.
  2. Amazon Best Sellers is another way to research what’s trending.
  3. Use Google Trends to also catch a trending wave.

The BIG 3 markets are:


Fitness, Nutrition, Mental Health, Sleep, Weight Loss, Disease Prevention


Investing, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, E-commerce


Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Divorce, Friendship, Social Skills

You can then carve out your own niche within the submarkets. For instance with fitness you could branch off into:

  • Weightlifting/bodybuilding
  • Cardio/endurance training
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • CrossFit/high-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Sports-specific training (e.g. basketball, soccer, tennis)
  • Outdoor fitness (e.g. hiking, trail running)
  • Dance fitness (e.g. Zumba, hip-hop dance)
  • Senior fitness
  • Fitness for special populations (e.g. prenatal/postnatal, disabilities)
  • Bodyweight training/calisthenics

Affiliate marketing is a model that allows you to only have to send traffic to the offer.

You don’t have to be a creator, guru, or the salesperson.

Here are some of the affiliate networks you can promote:


But KING of them all is……


First thing you need is to sign-up

After that log-in

Click on the Marketplace

Leave the search box empty (or search for a popular product) and hit ENTER

Now remember the BIG 3 markets? Choose one like HEALTH

You should aim for a Gravity of 30 and above

You also want an average dollar amount above $50

$50/day is $350/week which is $1500/month

So if you chose a product that pays you $91.50, and you sold 2 of those per day, that’s your 1st system that gets you $183!

Majority of Network Marketers don’t ever make half of that 

And that’s just one $50 product in the entire affiliate marketing space

Guess what the best part of all the above? You never have to bother your friends and family

Your only job is to send traffic to the offer!

Now you further your research and look over the “Affiliate Page”

They will have all the promotional material you need to start earning commissions

Once you feel good about an offer go back to Clickbank

Click the “Promote” button

This is where you get your affiliate link and I highly recommend to add a Tracking ID

The Tracking ID allows you to see where the clicks are coming from and eventually the income. 

For example if you decide to promote using YouTube, put  YT in the Tracking ID area and then click “Create Hotlink”

This is the link you’d use to send traffic to the offer. 

This link is unique in that it’s the only link in the world like it assigned to you. 

**NOTE** If you want to stand out I suggest you buy the product and go thru it. Make sure it is up to your standards before you promote it. 

Once you have a niche and a product to solve a problem within that niche, now it’s time to bring in the customers. TRAFFIC! 

Traffic can be generated from SEO, Paid Advertising, Podcasts, YouTube Channel, or TikTok. 

I’ve given a brief overview of the system I use to start making that $183/day we talked about in the beginning. 

If you want to learn how to generate the traffic here’s how I do that:

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