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Are you looking for a unique opportunity to earn income and build a career on your terms?

If so, Modere MLM might be the perfect fit for you.

Modere is a well-established network marketing company that offers a range of health and wellness products and a robust compensation plan that rewards hard work and dedication.

One of the critical benefits of Modere MLM is the flexibility it provides.

As a Modere distributor, you can work from anywhere and create your schedule. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, Modere offers the tools and resources to build a successful business on your terms.

Additionally, Modere’s emphasis on social media and e-commerce means that you can leverage the power of technology to connect with customers and grow your business. With Modere MLM, the sky’s the limit regarding your earning potential and career growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Modere’s business structure resembles a pyramid scheme, posing significant challenges for representatives to profit without continuously recruiting new participants.
  • The company offers a wide range of high-priced products, which could make sales and profit-making difficult for representatives.
  • Despite engaging in charitable work and promoting social media marketing, these positives do not mitigate the significant challenges posed by their MLM structure and product pricing.

Company Background

health and wellness

Modere is a consumer products company with an impressive background. Founded in 1987 by Thomas and Leslie Mower, the company was initially called ‘Images and Altitude.’ 

Over the years, the company has changed hands multiple times and undergone a rebranding, eventually settling on its current name Modere in 2012. Z Capital Partners now owns Modere, helmed by CEO Asma Ishaq.

The company offers a range of clean lifestyle products, from beauty and personal care items to nutrition and household essentials. 

They are formulated without the use of thousands of controversial chemicals and compounds, making them an excellent option for those looking for health and wellness products. 

Modere is an omnichannel company selling its products through e-commerce, direct-to-consumer channels, and its network of social marketers.

Modere has won multiple product awards, including the Clean and 2019 Beauty Choice Awards. 

The Natural Products Association and the Global Beauty School Awards have also recognized them. 

This recognition is a testament to the quality of the products they offer and their commitment to providing clean, healthy, and wellness products.

For those interested in selling Modere products, the company offers a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program. 

This program allows social marketers to build their businesses, potentially earning commissions, bonuses, and rewards. 

It is an excellent way for those interested in health and wellness to build a business and make money from home. 

Is Modere A MLM


Yes, Modere is a MLM. 

Modere allows shoppers to explore various products, ranging from health and nutrition to beauty and personal care.

This business model combines a unique shopping experience with the power of social influence and network marketing.

Instead of relying on traditional advertising methods, They encourages customers to share their experiences with friends and family, creating a powerful word-of-mouth marketing strategy that drives sales.

Modere provides an unparalleled business opportunity for entrepreneurs, offering the chance to earn an income from the comfort of their own homes.

With a wide range of products and an easy-to-use website, Modere is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing MLM companies in the world. 

Is Modere A Pyramid Scheme

pyramid scheme

The answer is a resounding “NO”!

They’re a legitimate, ethical business model that is completely unlike a pyramid scheme.

The primary difference between Modere and a pyramid scheme is they emphasize direct sales. Unlike MLM or pyramid schemes, Modere does not rely on recruitment to make money. Instead, they provide customers with direct access to high-quality products and services. This makes Modere a true e-commerce platform.

Modere is also led by an inspiring and highly successful CEO, Asma Ishaq. Asma has spoken on the world stage at prestigious events such as the 2021 Transformative CEO Summit and the 2022 Retail Summit in Dubai.

She is even featured in the 2022 children’s nonfiction collection Rebel Girls: Awesome Entrepreneurs, an award-winning and NYT bestselling book. Asma’s track record is proof that Modere is a successful and legitimate business that is not a pyramid scheme.

The bottom line is that Modere is a legitimate, ethical business model that is completely unlike a pyramid scheme. 

Modere Products

personal care products

When it comes to Modere products, there is nothing quite like them. 

They offer science-backed formulas that are safe and effective, and they also come with their own set of unique trademarks and brands, from the multi-patented Liquid BioCell® collagen to their groundbreaking Modere Axis™ TreBiotic. 

It’s no wonder that numerous awards, including the 2019 Best Weight Management product and Best Anti-Aging product, have recognized these products.

Modere products stand out not only for their quality and effectiveness but also for their unique selling approach. Modere relies on a network of independent Social Marketers to acquire customers and promote the brand, unlike MLMs.

This allows distributors to benefit from their efforts rather than relying on those of others. 

Plus, with no shipping costs, getting Modere products into customers’ hands is easier than ever.

When you purchase Modere products, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible outcome for your money. 

Every formula is tested and validated, so you know you’re getting something safe and effective. 

Plus, all their products are made with natural ingredients, so you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality possible.

Modere products are the best choice for anyone looking for something safe, effective, and of the highest quality. 

With their unique Social Market network and no shipping costs, it’s easy to get these products into customers’ hands. 

And with all the awards and accolades they’ve won, you can trust that you’re getting the best of the best.

Modere MLM Review

internet marketing

It offers an attractive compensation, which includes generous commissions and bonuses for social marketers, leadership development bonus opportunities, and more.

With this opportunity, individuals can become MLM distributors or team leaders in exchange for promoting their favorite Modere products.

Those who decide to pursue this opportunity should know its advantages and disadvantages.

The most significant advantage of becoming part of the network is having access to potential customers in five different ways: 

  1. Word-of-mouth referrals 
  2. Direct selling 
  3. Personal websites
  4. Internet Marketing
  5. Radio advertisements.

Additionally, as long as you actively promote your products and recruit people to your team, you will have excellent earning potential.

On the other hand, becoming part of a wellness MLM has some associated drawbacks, such as high recruitment fees and low retention rates among recruits.

legal issues

The legal issues surrounding them have been an ever-shifting landscape, with a thick fog of confusion hanging in the air. 

It has become increasingly more work for potential participants to discern between legitimate direct sales companies and illegal pyramid schemes.

To better understand this conundrum, let’s look at the main differences between the two entities.

MLMs operate within specific guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and many other organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

These regulations include requirements such as transparent compensation plans, accurate product descriptions, and clear disclosure of income potentials.

Pyramid schemes do not adhere to these standards; instead, they depend on recruits to generate profits and pay commissions to those at the top of their structure.

When examining any MLM opportunity, it is vital to be aware that some may blur the line between legality and illegality without even realizing it.

With each company having its unique compensation and recruiting strategies, there can sometimes be a fine distinction between what is allowed under FTC regulations and what could potentially be considered a violation of the law.

Being mindful of possible missteps is essential when deciding whether or not you want to join a health and wellness company.

These legal considerations should always come into play before signing up with any business venture – regardless of whether it’s affiliated with MLM.

A thorough review of all details ensures that your involvement will remain above board from start to finish. 

As we understand market saturation related to MLMs, remember that knowing which rules must be followed is just as critical as understanding how best to succeed within them.

Market Saturation

market saturation

Network marketing companies, such as Modere, have seen a surge in popularity due to their promise of passive income. 

However, with the saturated market, it can be difficult for these MLMs to make good on that promise.

The Modere compensation plan reveals that average annual earnings could be higher, and many team leaders fail to break even after long-term investments of both time and money.

This does not mean one should avoid Multi Level Marketing Companies altogether – but it’s essential to research before committing yourself or others to any opportunity.

As part of this process, you should familiarize yourself with the company’s products and mission statement and review past success stories from individuals who’ve made a profit.

You’ll want to understand what potential rewards there could be so that you don’t end up disappointed when they don’t come true.

Alternatives To Modere Products


It is crucial to consider the alternatives for a multi-level marketing company.

Here are five alternative products to consider:

* Shakeology – a meal replacement shake with all-natural ingredients

* Isagenix – an advanced nutrition program for healthy weight management

* Arbonne – plant-based product line offering skin care, health, and wellness items

* Beachbody Challenge Packs – personalized fitness plans paired with dietary guidance

* Plexus Slim – supplements designed to help maintain stable blood sugar levels

Compensation Plan


The Modere Compensation Plan is a powerful and lucrative way to earn income. It’s like a treasure chest of opportunity – a way to turn your financial situation into something you could only imagine. Imagine unlocking the door to your dreams and having the ability to control your destiny.

When you become an active social marketer, you gain access to the Modere Marketers Points program, which allows you to earn points from product purchases made by your team of social marketers. The points you earn are paid out through the social marketer Unilevel Matrix, with earnings ranging from 3% to 5%. But that’s just the beginning.

As you progress further through the career path, you could unlock the Team Leader Bonus and have the potential to earn up to 10%. That’s right – you and your team could receive double the earnings with this incredible bonus. It’s like a windfall with the potential to make your dreams a reality.

With the Modere Income Disclosure program, you can gain insight into what other social marketers earn, giving you a clear idea of the potential rewards. This program allows you to measure your success and ensure you’re constantly pushing for the most significant rewards.

The Modere Compensation Plan is more than just a way to earn money – it’s a way to take control of your financial future. You can unlock your actual earning potential with a powerful combination of rewards and incentives. 

Is Modere A Scam

scam alert

Modere is not a scam, but there are better opportunities to make money from home.

When people join Modere, they’re often promised the chance to make a decent amount of money. Unfortunately, many of these people end up disappointed, having lost money. It’s like they stepped onto a merry-go-round of promises and hopes, only to be left spinning in the wind of their disillusionment.

At first glance, Modere’s claims appear legitimate. They have an A+ rating from the BBB. They are part of several industry organizations, including the Collagen Stewardship Alliance, the American Herbal Products Association, and the Personal Care Products Council. But when you look closer, it’s clear that Modere may need to live up to its promises.

Many distributors have reported that their so-called “success” was short-lived, and their earnings were much less than promised. There have also been some reports of Modere distributors being unable to get their money back. The untold truth is that Modere can be a risky investment.

While they have an A+ rating from the BBB, their promises of success and wealth may not be as reliable as they seem. For those looking to invest in Modere, it’s essential to research and ensures you understand the risks involved.

What’s Next 💭

So, as we wind up our deep dive into Modere MLM, it’s crucial to step back and assess the panorama. Modere has an impressive array of “natural” products spanning wellness, skincare, and household care.

They provide an opportunity to individuals, fondly termed “Social Marketers,” to earn from the comfort of their homes. However, the stark reality is far from ideal beneath this glossy exterior.

The MLM structure, although lawful, treads dangerously close to the contours of a pyramid scheme. Success is as elusive as a desert mirage in Modere’s MLM landscape. The daunting statistic that 80.38% of “Active Social Marketers” lost money in 2017, according to their own income disclosure, is a glaring red flag.

The high prices of their products, such as the “M3 weight loss system” and “Liquid BioCell,” might leave a gaping hole in your pocket rather than filling it. Despite their charity work and an emphasis on social media marketing, more is needed to offset the glaring drawbacks.

While Modere parades a glitzy facade, caution and careful consideration are key before venturing into this territory. It may be a different ticket to financial independence than it initially appears.

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