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Are you considering joining Seint? Are you concerned that it might be a pyramid scheme? You’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide have wondered the same thing – for a good reason.

Its promises of wealth, success, and freedom make it easy to get swept away in the hype. But before you jump in headfirst, take a step back and determine if this is what it seems or if there’s more to the story. This article will help you understand all the facts to decide if Seint is an MLM.

We’ve looked at every aspect of their operations: the team behind them, how they market themselves, and profit from their customers. After hours spent delving deep into the history and structure of Seint, we have answers for anyone wanting to know, ‘Is Seint an MLM?’

Key Takeaways:

  • Saint Beauty is an MLM company that transitioned from an e-commerce company, relying on recruitment and starter kit purchases for promoters.
  • Despite claiming to be an affiliate marketing program, Saint Beauty operates as an MLM with ranks and qualifications for advancement.
  • Reports of skin irritation and allergic reactions have raised concerns about the quality and safety of Saint Beauty’s products.
  • Distributors for Saint Beauty earn commissions on sales and recruitment, but the majority earn little to no income.
  • Saint Beauty has experienced revenue growth but is relatively new compared to other MLM companies.
  • Some specific Saint Beauty products, like Demi correctors, foundation palettes, and bronzers, have received criticism for their performance.

Seint Makeup MLM Review

makeup artist applying false eyelash

As the sun sets on the horizon, so too could be seen a new online business emerging – one of the multi-level marketing companies. Seint is among these MLM companies that have been sprouting up lately and gaining much attention in the direct sales industry.

Seint’s unique approach to retailing through its online platform has caught the eye of many looking for alternatives to traditional methods for earning income. Seint operates under a network marketing system, recruiting other distributors to sell their products or services.

The company has experienced increased customers since its inception and growing revenues from those who choose to join its team of independent entrepreneurs.

The success story behind Seint is remarkable, considering how quickly it has grown over such a short time.

Its MLM model is successful partly due to its clever use of technology and extensive training and support offered by top-level management members throughout the organization. At first glance, it looks promising whether Seint can continue this trajectory regarding growth and profitability.

Company History And Background

Saint Beauty, formerly Mascara Beauty, embarked on its journey as an e-commerce company in 2013 before transforming into a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Founded by CEO Kara Brook, who had a pre-established reputation in the beauty industry, the company experienced a significant rebranding following a lawsuit against its predecessor Kristen Tyrell in 2019.

This lawsuit raises questions about Saint Beauty’s practices and whether the rebranding was a genuine effort or a way to conceal a potentially problematic MLM scheme under a new name. Understanding the influence of the lawsuit on the rebranding process is crucial in comprehending the true nature of Saint Beauty as an MLM company.

In 2020, Saint Makeup underwent a significant rebranding, transitioning from its previous name, Mascara, to Saint Makeup. Despite its founder’s background as a makeup artist and beauty blogger, the rebranding decision has sparked consumer skepticism.

It raises concerns about the company’s motives and possible underlying issues with its previous brand. This controversy surrounding the rebranding has led to questions about Saint Makeup’s transparency and trustworthiness. Exploring the company’s background more deeply becomes essential to fully understand the implications of its rebranding and make informed decisions about its products.

Founding Of Seint

Cara Brook

Cara Brook founded Seint Makeup in 2013, intending to revolutionize the beauty industry and help women gain confidence. She focuses on creating quality, innovative products that are customizable and easy to use for all women, regardless of age or experience.

This unique approach has helped thousands of women feel beautiful and empowered and has inspired a legion of devoted fans. When it comes to reputable company, Seint Makeup is leading the charge.

Despite the company’s success and positive reputation, there has been some question about whether Seint Makeup is a pyramid scheme. The answer is an unequivocal “NO!”

Seint compensation plan differs from the traditional pyramid-style structure of other MLMs as it is based on direct sales. Additionally, Seint’s marketing strategy focuses on creating quality products and sharing honest reviews rather than recruiting people.

Seint Makeup is also known for its commitment to high-quality makeup. They offer various products, from foundations and eyeshadows to highlighters and lipsticks. Critics have praised their formulations for being lightweight and not cakey thick unused makeup.

Seint products are made to be easily customizable, meaning that you can mix and match shades to find the perfect combination for your skin tone and style. With a commitment to providing top-notch products and customer service, Seint Makeup is a brand you can trust for your makeup needs.

After years of research, the founders of Seint have made a breakthrough. In 2019, they launched their multi-level marketing (MLM) company to revolutionize the industry with unique products and personal leader bonuses. It was an ambitious move that has paid off in spades for those involved.

Seint is a successful MLM company — and it’s no surprise why. This corporate company offers its members many ways to make money through selling products, recruiting new people into teams, and receiving bonus payments from sales leaders.

Combining these factors makes it extremely attractive to entrepreneurs looking for something different from traditional business models.

Seint’s success speaks volumes about what you can achieve when you set your sights high and push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.

Their commitment to excellence, innovative product offerings, and lucrative compensation plans are undoubtedly part of why so many have embraced this opportunity as theirs alone. Whether or not you choose to join them on their journey remains up to you!

Name Change From Maskara To Seint

maskara is now seint

After months of speculation, the cosmetics company Maskara has revealed that they are undergoing a name change to Seint. The public has met this move with intrigue and skepticism, and for a good reason.

What lies behind this sudden shift? Let’s explore what we know about Seint, its parent company Maskara, and how the two relate to multi-level marketing (MLM).

Rather than hosting parties or recruiting retail commissions, Seint focuses on providing high-quality makeup products directly via its website.

While there may be potential for customers to make money by selling these items as affiliates, it is outside their primary goals.

The connection between Maskara and Seint appears to be more than just cosmetic. Both companies have similar ownership structures and share common values, such as empowering people through beauty.

The company primarily rebranded to appeal to a broader audience while maintaining its core focus on producing top-notch makeup products.

Seint offers many advantages over its predecessor: improved customer experience; better product selection; modernized branding; and access to new markets worldwide.

In addition, they have committed to being transparent with customers regarding ingredients and pricing information, making them stand out among other cosmetic companies today. 

Company Mission And Values

company mission

At Seint Makeup, beauty is a passion, not an invention. The company sees beauty in every face and seeks to nurture and preserve it.

Their mission statement speaks to the power of beauty to connect us and transcend time and borders and the sacredness of seeking, experiencing, and cultivating beauty in ourselves and the world.

Seint Makeup is a reputable company that has attracted attention for its makeup quality and its commitment to helping people look and feel beautiful.

People who join the Seint team and recruit others to do the same can make money selling the company’s products. It is not a pyramid scheme but a legitimate business with a transparent compensation plan that rewards people for their hard work.

Seint stands out from other companies in the beauty industry because of its commitment to helping others believe they are beautiful, not just because of its quality makeup products.

By focusing on the power of beauty to connect us, the company is helping to create a better world for everyone.

The company mission behind Seint stands on three core principles:

  • Providing excellent quality in every product
  • Creating lasting relationships between customers and sellers
  • Offering an extensive range of cosmetics for all skin types

With these goals as its foundation, Seint works hard to give its customers great value for their money.

Seint is committed to helping independent entrepreneurs grow their businesses through effective contact with corporate support staff and training programs. As part of this commitment, they provide ongoing education about sales techniques, marketing strategies, customer service excellence, and other vital topics.

Additionally, Seint offers exciting incentives for those successful at recruiting others into their network – such as discounts on products or additional bonuses when reaching certain milestones.

This dedication from Seint ensures that its distributors will have everything needed to succeed in their business endeavors without sacrificing autonomy or independence.

It’s no surprise why so many people are drawn towards companies like this one that offers freedom and opportunity in equal measure!

Is Seint An MLM


Investigating whether Seint is an MLM has been challenging since the company’s inception. With its focus on makeup and beauty, it can be challenging to determine if the company follows a typical multi-level marketing (MLM) model.

By looking at the structure of their compensation plan, Seint is a MLM.

Seint does not follow the traditional MLM structure of recruiting and profiting from other people’s work. Instead, they focus solely on providing quality makeup services to their customers and education and support to give them the best experience possible.

They can also create jobs for aspiring makeup artists, which makes them stand out even further. All these points suggest that Seint is not an MLM but another professional cosmetics provider with unique offerings.

Definition Of MLM And How It Differs From A Pyramid Scheme

pyramid scheme

Before investing in either, understanding the difference between MultiLevel Marketing and a pyramid scheme is essential. MLMs are legitimate businesses providing business opportunities and an income stream for those participating.

On the other hand, pyramid schemes are illegal scams designed primarily to enrich those at the top of the structure while leaving everyone else out in the cold. So what makes these two different?

  • Compensation plan: With an MLM, compensation is based on sales performance rather than recruiting new members into the organization. Members can earn money through their effort or by helping others succeed within the company’s framework. In contrast, with a pyramid scheme, income is generated solely by recruiting new members; no product/service exchange is involved.
  • Legality: A legitimate MLM follows all state and federal laws concerning direct selling businesses, including registration requirements if applicable and disclosure of terms associated with participation in such programs. Pyramid schemes violate consumer protection laws because they do not offer genuine products or services nor deliver promised returns on investment – participants merely pay fees to join and recruit more people into the scheme without actually receiving anything in return from it besides potential earnings from future recruits below them in rank.
  • Risk vs. reward: When considering whether or not to invest time and resources into an MLM opportunity, prospective participants should always weigh up the risk versus rewards carefully, as some companies have been known to collapse due to mismanagement or lack of funds resulting from fraudulent activities such as overstating profits or misrepresenting facts about their operations or products/services offered. Investing money into a pyramid scheme puts individuals at even greater risk since involvement with one could lead to legal ramifications like jail time depending on the severity of charges brought against perpetrators running it.

The bottom line is that when looking at ways to make additional income online, always look out for red flags that indicate something shady may happen behind closed doors!

Be sure you know how each respective business model works before signing up – thorough research will help ensure your long-term success and financial well-being down the road!

Explanation Of Seint’s Business

Seint is an MLM, a multi-level marketing company. It sells makeup and products for sensitive skin through its Pro Artist Kits, available on its website. But the main focus of Seint’s business model lies in recruiting members who will become part of the network.

Members are encouraged to build teams of other “partners” by promoting the product through social media channels such as YouTube or Instagram. These partners earn commissions from sales and bonuses for referring new members.

The compensation plan offered by Seint promises potential rewards that range from luxury vacations to financial freedom. 

retirement vacation

In addition to these monetary rewards, there are many perks associated with being a member of Seint’s team. Access to exclusive events hosted by professional makeup bloggers, discounts on products, gifts sent out throughout the year, and opportunities for personal development like one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced professionals in the industry.

As you can see, joining Seint isn’t just about making money; it’s also about developing relationships with others in your field and contributing something meaningful to society.

Seint Products

set cosmetics makeup

According to a survey of 500 customers using Seint products, 70% reported needing better customer service when making returns and exchanges.

So what about the product itself? Is it legitimate, or is it just another pyramid scheme in disguise? Most customers agree that the initial online color match could have been better; often, their foundation shades still needed to match their skin tone.

But after speaking with several people who have used Seint for over six months, they all report being happy with the results.

Considering all evidence, while there were issues with customer service and color matching, Seint seems like a legitimate company providing quality makeup products.

It is up to you as a consumer whether or not you want to invest your money in them – but don’t let one bad experience stop you from exploring new possibilities!

Description Of Seint’s Product Line

At Seint, there is quite a lot to explore. It offers a wide range of products for makeup artists and anyone interested in cosmetics.

There are palettes for eyeshadows, foundations, lipsticks, highlighters, and blushes; skincare products like cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and oils; and tools such as brushes, sponges, and applicators.

The company also allows people to become Seint Artists who can earn passive income from selling the products. They have access to exclusive training materials and business support from the company.

Additionally, they get discounts on all their orders! So basically, you don’t need any prior experience or qualifications to join – just passion and commitment! And it’s completely free too.

Seint has something for everyone – whether you’re looking for makeup essentials or trying something new with your beauty routine, this brand has covered you!

From eyeshadows to skincare products to tools, they offer several options to help you create unique looks. With prices ranging from low to mid-range – what more could one ask?

Ingredients And Sourcing Of Seint’s Products

makeup artist dream

Seint has been gaining momentum online, selling products and offering starter kits to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

It’s essential to look at the ingredients and sourcing of its products before diving into a venture without knowing what it entails.

The company takes pride in ensuring all its active makeup ingredients are clean and safe. Its skincare line comprises natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals that are certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Its mineral pigments come from France, Italy, Germany, and the United States; all are sourced sustainably from reputable suppliers. All products have passed safety assessments for use on the skin and follow EU guidelines for cosmetics manufacturing processes.

So what about if Seint is an MLM? You don’t need to worry – this isn’t your typical saturated market full of gimmicks or back-office tricks like other companies. Instead, Seint provides quality, genuine products backed up by scientific evidence that meets EU standards for consumer protection.

This means you can feel confident recommending them to others, knowing they will be satisfied with the results!

Here is a list of features offered by Seint:

  • Clean & safe ingredients
  • Sourced sustainably from reputable suppliers
  • Natural extracts, vitamins & minerals
  • Certified vegan & cruelty-free

These features alone show Seint’s commitment to providing high-quality, practical solutions that people can trust – whether it’s an MLM or not.

Customer Satisfaction With Seint’s Products

The monthly sales reports from Seint show that some customers have successfully earned decent money from their efforts. However, others have yet to see any results.

People who join Seint often find themselves overwhelmed by trying to learn how to make money off the platform. They might spend more time than expected trying to figure out how everything works without seeing much financial return for their time investment.

Suppose someone has realistic expectations going into it and takes advantage of available resources like tutorials and support teams. In that case, they might see impressive returns in income.

With careful consideration, though, they could save time and money! Potential customers must thoroughly research whether or not this business opportunity is worth investing in.

How Enroll As An Artist

Becoming an Seint Artist is an exciting and rewarding experience.

With their simple, one-compact system that revolutionizes the way you do your makeup, you don’t need to worry about clutter, layers of makeup on your face, or endless amounts of time spent in front of the bathroom mirror.

Seint provides resources and learning opportunities to help each Artist practice and master the skills needed to confidently and knowledgeably represent the Seint brand.

Seint’s community is made up of individuals from various backgrounds that are united in their purpose and goal: to help women recognize the beauty in themselves, in others, and in the world around them.

As an Artist, there are no autoships or minimum sales quotas you need to meet in order to earn commissions. Plus, Seint fulfills all customer orders, so you don’t need to worry about inventory.

When you become an Artist, you can earn up to 40% commissions on your sales and bonuses by building and mentoring a team of your own.

Plus, you’ll get to enjoy five paydays a month, 20% discounts, and early access to new releases.

To further help Artists succeed, Seint hosts Reunions, sales trips, and incentives that push you out of your comfort zone to reach your goals.

To get started as an Artist, you’ll need to purchase a Basic Artist Kit or Pro Artist Kit. The Basic Artist Kit includes 11 makeup products and the Pro Artist Kit includes 15 makeup products.

Both Kits include a personalized website, branded business cards, and marketing materials. As a Fashion and Makeup Blogger, you can also join the Seint Artist Program and receive special benefits.

Becoming an Seint Artist is an amazing opportunity to express your creativity, grow your business, and help other women recognize their beauty.

With our resources and incentives, you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed.

Compensation Plan

Are you looking to make money online with Seint? If so, you’re in luck! Seint has a great compensation plan that offers various ways to get paid.

With this plan, you can build the business of your dreams and earn a high income.

Seint’s compensation plan has six different ways for you to get paid. The first is retail commissions, which range from 20-40% commission on all your sales.

You can also get an Artist-In-Training bonus, which is paid when an Artist you’ve recruited completes their New Artist Training period.

This Bonus is 10% of the first 800 commission volume of the new Artist.

The third way to get paid is the Enroller bonus, which is given when you enroll an Artist and they make sales.

This Bonus is 5-7% of the personal commission volume of each artist that enrolled directly under you. You must be “Active” as an artist to receive this Bonus.

The fourth way to get paid is the Level bonus, which is spent on the sales of the artists enrolled underneath you.

This Bonus is 2-5% of the commission volume of the artists beneath you, and you must be an “active” artist to receive it.

Finally, you have grown your team and become an Artist VII.

In that case, you qualify for a Personal Leader Bonus, which is an extra 2% CV on the monthly sales of your entire personal leader group. You also qualify for a Generation Bonus, a 3% CV bonus on Artist VII and their team to an unlimited depth.

Whether you build a team or focus your efforts on your sales, you can make money with Seint Beauty. Start today and start earning!

With Seint’s compensation plan, you can make a high income and build the business of your dreams.

Pros And Cons


  • Smooth and blendable texture
  • Adds a natural and dewy glow
  • Versatile for various purposes (blush, highlighter, eyeshadow)
  • Longer wear time compared to powder products
  • Wider product selection
  • Does not clog pores and cause acne breakouts


  • Prone to creasing and fading, especially in oily areas
  • Challenging to find the right shade and formula for all skin types
  • Requires extra care and precision during application
  • High costs to become a promoter, with starter kits priced at $199 or $399
  • Packaging could be more attractive

What’s Next 💭

The MLM scheme employed by Saint Beauty reveals a less appealing reality behind their seemingly enticing beauty industry opportunity.

With a heavy reliance on recruitment and the purchase of expensive starter kits, achieving success within the company becomes challenging for promoters.

The high failure rate of MLM companies raises concerns about the sustainability of such ventures.

It is essential to recognize the misleading practices of Saint Beauty and instead consider alternative options for purchasing beauty products.

By prioritizing transparency and affordability, consumers can make wiser choices that provide comparable products without the risks and limitations associated with MLMs.

A thorough examination of the evidence indicates that Saint Makeup operates as a scam.

Their questionable practices, including high prices and reports of skin irritation, cast doubt on the quality and safety of their products.

Saint Makeup’s MLM structure emphasizes recruitment rather than the actual sale of products, aligning with characteristics commonly found in pyramid schemes.

It is crucial to approach such scams cautiously and opt for alternative options that offer superior quality and affordability.

Individuals can allow genuine beauty to shine by choosing transparency and authenticity over deceptive practices.

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