The Untold Truth About Optavia MLM: Is This Program Really Worth Your Time And Money?




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Have you ever encountered a solution that promises a fast track to your weight loss dreams, only to discover it’s a labyrinth of potential health risks and financial pitfalls?

Welcome to Optavia, an intriguing cocktail of an MLM business model blended with a highly restrictive diet plan. At first glance, Optavia’s Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan, with its 5 fuelings and one ‘real’ meal per day, seems like the magic bullet for those longing to shed pounds.

But peer a little closer, and you might glimpse the storm lurking beneath the calm.
Optavia’s fuelings, a colorful mix of bars, shakes, snacks, and soup mixes, are low in calories, ranging between 90 to 110 each.

Sounds like a dream? Well, beware, dreams have a knack for turning into nightmares. With a daily intake of 800 to 1,000 calories, this diet might leave you teetering on the brink of starvation, nutrient deficiencies, and metabolic damage. But that’s not all.

There’s also the added complexity of the MLM structure, where the shiny promise of commissions is often overshadowed by the cold reality where most participants make little to no money or experience a financial loss.

Key Takeaways:

  • Optavia’s promotion of crash and fad diets, restrictive eating, and starvation can lead to anorexia and is not sustainable or realistic for long-term health and weight loss.
  • Optavia operates as a multi-level marketing company (MLM) selling meal replacement products, with coaches motivated to keep clients within the MLM for financial gain.
  • The Optavia program has potential health risks and side effects, including leg cramps, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and hair loss, and is not suitable for certain groups such as pregnant/breastfeeding women, children under 13, and individuals with serious illnesses or on specific medications.
  • Optavia’s weight loss plans involve severe calorie restriction, which may have negative health effects and may be considered under-eating or even starvation.

Company Background & Parent Company

weight loss diagram

As we step into the world of OPTAVIA, let us journey through its history and explore the parent company behind it.

Medifast is the powerhouse driving this health and wellness revolution. Founded in 1981, they have been at the forefront of creating clinically proven plans that aid customers with their lifelong transformation goals.

With an internationally recognized scientific advisory board to offer objective insight and expertise, Medifast has achieved unprecedented growth over the years – reaching $1.6 billion in revenue for 2022 alone!

Their business model focuses on helping people become independent coaches who can help support others on their journey to healthier lifestyles. The Coach Business Kit provides all the necessary materials, such as nutritional products, access to exclusive training resources, marketing tools & more.

From being a small organization catering to just one market to operations across multiple continents, OPTAVIA’s success story is a testament to its founders’ vision and determination. Truly inspiring!

Optavia Meal Replacement

meal replacement

The Optavia MLM program is one of the most popular weight loss programs. It combines meal replacement products with a healthy lifestyle plan to help you lose weight and keep it off long-term.

With the Optavia diet, you’ll be able to enjoy convenient, nutritionally balanced meals while still learning how to make healthy choices in your everyday life.

Plus, if you’re looking for an extra income stream, opting into their multi-level marketing opportunity can give you a chance to sell products and earn commissions from sales.

Whether you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your weight loss journey or a convenient way to stay on track with your health goals, Optavia could be what you need.

Their scientifically designed Fuelings are nutritionally interchangeable and offer over 60 options, so you never get bored with your meal plan.

By committing to eating healthier through this fantastic program, you’ll be working towards achieving optimal health and sustaining a healthy weight!

Optavia MLM Review

When it comes to Optavia, there’s no denying that their products appear attractive at first glance. But as with any business opportunity, you must dig deeper before committing your time and money.

For example, someone who decides to become an Optavia rep by purchasing their starter’ business kit’ – will set them back $199. This package includes meal replacement shakes and bars, marketing materials, and other resources they can use to promote the program.

This is a great way to make some extra income. However, many people often overlook one of the most significant drawbacks associated with becoming an Optavia rep – recruiting new members into the company to increase profits.

Considering how comfortable you are with such a task is essential if you join this MLM company.

The truth is that while Optavia may provide some potential financial benefits for those willing to put in the effort, it also has some severe obligations attached. Before joining, be sure you understand what these obligations entail and whether or not they align with your goals and values.

Optavia Compensation Plan


The Optavia Compensation Plan is designed to reward health coaches for their hard work and dedication. By selling Optavia products, Coaches can make a significant income with potential bonuses of up to $1000 each month.

Here are some key points about the plan:

* Becoming an Optavia Coach:

* First, you must enroll in the program.

* Second, you need to obtain certification as a health coach by completing an online course or attending training seminars offered by Optavia.

* Finally, start building your team and begin selling!

* Earning Potential:

* As a Health Coach, you will earn a 15% commission on orders your clients place.

* You can also qualify for Client Support Bonuses ranging from $250 to $1,000 depending on the amount of Frontline Qualifying Volume (FQV) you generate over three consecutive months.

Recently there has been controversy surrounding the company due to a lawsuit against them alleging deceptive practices concerning their compensation plans.

Despite this legal dispute, many people have found great success as Optavia Reps and remain committed to helping others achieve optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Is Optavia A Scam

scam alert

No, it’s not a scam. 

When it comes to making money online, there are a lot of scams out there. So, it’s natural to be skeptical of something like Optavia. At first glance, Optavia looks like a pyramid or a scam, but is it? Let’s take a closer look.

As a company, Optavia looks legit. They have been around for a while and have a strong presence in the health and wellness industry. You can join the company as a distributor and earn a commission on sales of their weight loss products.

MLM is a standard business model and doesn’t automatically make it a scam. However, there have been some red flags with Optavia in the past. In 2017, there was a lawsuit against Optavia parent company, Medifast, alleging that the company was operating a pyramid.

The case was dismissed, but it does raise some concerns. So, is Optavia a scam? It’s hard to say for sure. While there have been some issues in the past, the company is operating within the bounds of the law now. As with any MLM, it’s essential to research and ensures you’re comfortable with the business model before getting involved.

Description Of A Pyramid Scheme

pyramid scheme

Pyramid schemes are notorious for their insidious nature and have long been a scourge in business. At first glance, they may appear innocuous, even attractive, promising exponential returns on investments, quick profits, and a seemingly easy path to financial freedom.

However, beneath the surface, pyramids are built on a foundation of deception and exploitation. The vast majority of people involved end up losing their money and, in many cases, their dignity.

The defining characteristic of a pyramid scheme is that participants are incentivized to recruit new members into the system rather than selling actual products or services. This creates a pyramid-like structure, where a few individuals at the top profit greatly. At the same time, most participants languish at the bottom, unable to recoup their investment.

Is Optavia A Pyramid Scheme

No. The company actually has customers outside of the opportunity. 

Many people have raised concerns about Optavia because it sounds like a pyramid scheme in disguise. After all, the idea of recruiting others to sell products and make more money sounds like a classic pyramid scheme, right?

However, taking a closer look at what Optavia offers and how it operates before jumping to conclusions is essential.

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Optavia is a legitimate business that offers health and wellness products, including weight loss products. The emphasis is on recruiting rather than sales, a critical difference between Optavia and a pyramid scheme.

As a rep, you’re not just selling products to others but also providing support to help your clients achieve their health goals.

Of course, it’s still possible to make more money by recruiting others to become coaches under you. But again, the emphasis is on helping your team members succeed by providing support and training rather than recruiting as many people as possible.

And as long as you’re selling products and delivering value to your clients, you can be confident that you’re running a legitimate business with the potential to generate income.

Do You Need An Optavia Coach

weight loss coach

Are you looking to become an Optavia coach? If so, you’re probably wondering what Optavia offers and everything about Optavia.

Optavia is a company that provides health products, including weight loss products. As a coach, you’ll be helping people achieve their weight loss goals by guiding them through the Optavia program.

Optavia provides training and support to help you become the best coach you can be. One of the benefits of becoming an Optavia coach is that you get to be part of a community of like-minded people passionate about wellness. You’ll have access to resources to help you build your business.

With the growing demand for health products, there’s a lot of potential for growth and success. In addition, becoming an Optavia rep can be a lucrative business opportunity.

If you’re looking for a way to positively impact people’s lives while building a successful business, becoming an Optavia coach could be the perfect opportunity for you.


What we like

  • Optavia offers health-centric products designed for weight loss, backed by scientific research.
  • The program provides opportunities for building a lucrative health coach business.
  • Optavia provides training and support to help individuals start their own brand.
  • Becoming an Optavia representative can offer financial and personal benefits.

What we don’t like

  • Optavia’s low-calorie diet can lead to health problems and significant calorie restriction.
  • The diet’s calorie deficit may result in a drop in energy levels and potential liver issues.
  • The low-calorie content can cause a decrease in metabolic rate, making long-term weight loss more challenging.
  • Optavia’s MLM structure prioritizes selling the program over the well-being of individuals, potentially exploiting them for financial gain.

What’s Next 💭

I can’t help but feel a sense of urgency to warn readers about the dangers of Optavia MLM. The untold truth is that this company’s business model is built on exploiting vulnerable individuals looking for quick weight loss solutions.

The use of restrictive diets with extremely low-calorie intake can have serious negative consequences on your health, as the experiences of former Optavia users have shown.

The best solutions are often the most straightforward and sustainable in health and wellness. It’s time to ditch the “magic pill” mentality and focus on implementing healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Optavia’s MLM structure is designed to profit off of customers rather than to help them achieve long-term health and wellness. Don’t fall for the hype and empty promises of quick weight loss – the only natural way to achieve your health goals is through a sustainable, balanced lifestyle.

Remember, your health is priceless. Please don’t put it at risk for the sake of a quick fix. Take control of your health journey and seek out trustworthy, reputable sources of information and support.

Don’t let MLMs like Optavia take advantage of your vulnerabilities – invest in your health and well-being for the long haul.

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