The Real Reason People Fail In Network Marketing

Short term opportunity seeker

Or long term business builder

Before I show you the roadmap to success in network marketing You have to understand this fact.

You have to have the right mindset or nothing I show you will matter. You will not achieve long term results.

Here’s what the typical network marketer (everyone that makes no money) approach to making money does:

There’s a lot wrong with the above process.

  • Quick and easy “riches”. Push-button profits. The big easy button. Shortcuts. Flash in the pan tactics. Google Annihilation this. Traffic Hijack that. Magic Bullet blah-blah…
  • Buy “magic-bullet” product. You know the ones. The giveaway is normally in the name.
  • Consume the product. Take action and implement. 90% of people screw up right here. They do nothing. Nada.

They get hit-up with the next bright “shiny-object” product. The vicious cycle continues.

Perhaps 10% of people will actually do something. Even if the product teaches a short lived tactic … it’s possible to achieve some results. Make some money. It won’t be anything long-term. But you can probably earn some money.

Of those people that do achieve some results … the first sign of a road bump will send them scurrying back to the start of the process — on the lookout for the next shiny-object.

Listen… Those days are over!

The sooner you realize that the above process-flow is broken — the sooner you can move on to get real results.

Lemme show you a process that’s guaranteed to make money (consistently). 100%. It never fails. Never. This process is altogether different:

  • Mindset is focused on delivering real value to an audience … even before money has changed hands. It’s about having an abundance mindset…
    … about building a long term relationship with your prospects and customers.

    The focus is not on quick frontend money but on building a business with a long term vision (money is a result — it’s should never be your core driving force).
  • Stick to one core business model. One system that you consistently work (I’ll give you the system I use shortly).
  • The basic framework of every sustainable business is to attract new leads (traffic)…
  • … and then to convert those leads into customers.
  • When an issue in the system is encountered — and there’ll be a lot of ’em — then you test and tweak until you’ve moved under or over or through the “road block”.
  • Problems are always only ever temporary. There’s always a workaround.

When you follow this mindset and workflow … “shiny-object” products and “magic-bullet” solutions become irrelevant and largely invisible.

If a product will help build and develop your core business model (not replace it) … then you invest in it. If it pulls you away from your core business model — it gets ignored. Simple.

Marketers that understand and follow this process and philosophy can’t not make money. It’s impossible.


Because you test and tweak until you have a winner. If something doesn’t work — a road block — you move around it or under it or over it … or just plain kick your way through.

Point is … you’re always moving forward. It’s called momentum. It’s powerful.

Stopping. Giving up. Looking for the next “magic bullet” solution the minute you hit a problem or experience resistance…

… only results in you earning nothing and the gurus getting rich from you buying up their next installment of rehashed crap.

It’s true. You already know this.

Working one business model allows for continuous growth. You water and nurture what is working (continuously), and test and tweak elements that aren’t (continuously).

This is how you win…..Big.

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