Have You Had Success In Network Marketing

In the next few pages I’m going to “reframe” your reality…. And give you an Aha moment to think about.

I will show you how to get to 100K/ year in network marketing.

For instance, if you had just 100 people in your organization it would generate approximately $1730/month in commissions.

Now that is not 100K/yr but you are well on your way.

Here’s another thing to think about….

Bahamas is rated the 3rd best island to live.

The Bahamas is beloved for its nearly-green, transparent water.

The water appears so blue because many of the island beaches are quite wide and shallow. As the sun hits the golden sand below the waves, it scatters and reflects this aqua color.

The water is also intensely clear – so much so that you can see the ocean floor 200 feet above the surface!

And the cost of living there is $3950/month!!!

I think the way people talk about stress FREE living is not real.

But if for you swinging in a hammock listening to the water swoosh on the beach is your speed, then the Bahamas is the place for you.

I’m not trying to get you move to the Bahamas, unless you want to.

But it’s an illustration of what’s possible with a small Network Marketing business.

I aim to “reframe” your perception of how EASY it is to build a small sales organization.

Your “Bahamas” could be anywhere like Greece, Mexico, or Hawaii.

In the U.S. people only know how to work their 9-5 job (that they hate) just to get by.

On the next page I’ll lay out a system that will get you to that small Network Marketing business which will allow you to live anywhere in the world!

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